Tuesday, August 09


Big Yellow Taxis Considered Harmful

This is Reia.  It's essentially Ruby implemented on the Erlang VM, which is great if you're interested in Erlang but hate the syntax.*

Sadly the project has just been abandoned because there are apparently more things not to like about Erlang than its syntax.**

I've known of Reia (and Erlang, of course) for a some time, but I wasn't really interested in them except as curiosities until I started working with RabbitMQ, CouchDB, Disco, and Riak, all of which are implemented (either partly or in full) in Erlang.

Reia - as Ruby in Erlang - seemed like the perfect next step in my Erlang explorations*** but alas, they paved it and put up a parking lot.

* In other words, you're sane.
** There's another, similar project called Elixir, but Reia has a better name and a nicer syntax.
*** Well, Python in Erlang would have been even better, but Ruby is a Python martini - six parts Python to one part Perl - and that's not a disagreeable mix.

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