Thursday, April 29



Sugar arrived today.  She's my third little NAS box to go with (naturally) Pepper and Salt.  Pepper and Salt are Acer Easystore boxes that I bought empty and filled up with spare drives; they work so well that I wanted to get another - but they stopped making that model and replaced it with a Windows Home Server system, which apparently also works well but isn't what I want.

So I ended up ordering a LaCie 5big Network thingy.  Then discovered that they don't make those any more either.  Then discovered that they'd replaced it with the LaCie 5big Network 2 thingy, which is the same but three times faster.  Which is a definite plus: The one problem with the old Easystore - and most of the other first-generation mini-NASes - is that it's kind of slow; for the v2 LaCie replaced the 500MHz Arm processor with a 1.2GHz model.

It arrived today.  Yay!

It's apparently made of cast iron.  It's a little bitty thing: 6.8 x 7.7 x 8.6 inches (from the spec sheet) but the box weighs as much as a full-size PC.

Update: Oh.  I thought it was white.  It's not, it's silver.  Looking at the pictures on the website again, I realise that that's what they're showing - they just photographed it on white surroundings.

Update: Crap.  It sounds like a can of marbles.  That means it's using Hitachi drives.  That sucks.

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