Sunday, April 25


Pixy Is Watching, Autumn Edition, Part 2

The Castle of Cagliostro.

Takes a little to get going, but once it does, it never falters.

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Subbed, I presume?


Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, April 25 2010 07:39 AM (BUHwO)

2 I dunno. I got about half way through it and lost interest. I bought that DVD more than a year ago, and I never finished it.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, April 25 2010 10:45 AM (+rSRq)

3 C.T. - Of course.

Steven - I did say it takes a little while to get going. wink

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, April 25 2010 01:59 PM (PiXy!)

4 I don't know, personally, I was in love with the movie by the end of the credits, and that was in raw Japanese back in 1991.  I think it's one of those shows where you're either on board with the aesthetic - that combination of headlong exhilaration and infinite-focus mono no aware - or you're not. 

It doesn't have all the sci-fi or fantasy bells and whistles that later Miyazaki movies have to offer, it's just pre-Ghibli Miyazaki & a kinder, gentler Lupin experience.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Tuesday, April 27 2010 09:10 AM (jwKxK)


It is a fun movie, but I can understand people not being keen on it.  It was definitely entertaining for me, but I still would not go out of my way to watch it even after seeing it for the first time - the only reason I actual did see it was because the friend I went to the convention with wanted to see the showing.  And the fact the the character models made me want to watch the movie next to Porco Rosso was a bit disconcerting.

Also, for me, listening to the dub as oppose to the sub would be a surreal experience after listening to the Pioneer/Geneon release of the TV series, since practically the entire staff changed (Only one of the English language VAs came back - voicing a different character.).

Non sequitor - sadly, my attempt at trying to keep my entertainment and my politics separate took another blow this last week, since the (now former) voice of the GEICO Gecko is a VA who worked on anime dubs and still work on video game dubs.  Makes subs more attractive all the time...


Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, April 27 2010 11:27 AM (9nxXd)


The news reports were garbled. It wasn't the voice of the gecko who got canned, it was the guy who did the voiceovers.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tuesday, April 27 2010 11:41 AM (+rSRq)


It may have been the guy doing the voice-overs instead of the voice of the Gecko, but since the VA behind the scheme still has anime and video game dubs credits (And apparently was not shy about remarking on his performance on Twitter.), it annoys me at the disappearance of entertainment and politics.

And I did not know there was a soundtrack to MOM...


Posted by: cxt217 at Wednesday, April 28 2010 01:39 PM (9nxXd)

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