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Mmf. Unfortunately, the video is laggy on my computer, even with the pre-release Flash 10.1. Going to explore other options.

Okay, with the latest version of the player (5.1) the latest version of Flash (10.1-RC4) and an MP4 (H.264/MP3) video file, it works beautifully.  I'll try it against older versions of Flash now.

Bleah!  Plays great....  Once it's downloaded the entire file.

Let's see if this version works better.

Update: Got it!  Here's the trick:

The source is a H.264 (good!) / Vorbis (not good!) MKV (not good!) file.  That's pretty common in anime land.

The encoders have alrady done an excellent job on encoding, and transcoding is going to be slow and probably produce a larger file with worse video quality.

So, here's what to do:

Download AviDemux.  That will read your MKV file just fine.

Set Video to Copy.  That will transfer the H.264 bit-for-bit to the output.
Set Audio to AAC (Faac).  MP3 will only half-work in an MP4 container; don't use it.
Set Format to MP4.

Save your new file.  This will only take a few seconds - it's copying the video data straight across, and the Faac encoder is pretty fast.

Now, get MP4 FastStart.  This is a litle utility that will tweak your MP4 file to make it streamable.

Then...  Then wait until I've uploaded Minx 1.2 - or at least, 1.13, so that the [video] tag actually works.

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1 OUCH.  this video is completely unwatchable.  Fine series, though.

Posted by: amarigatachi at Saturday, May 08 2010 10:02 AM (smT8Q)

2 Sorry about that.  I'm going to update the player and try it with an mp4 file instead of an flv.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, May 08 2010 01:07 PM (PiXy!)

3 You guys must make  a mistake . The video is so wonderful !The flash match well with the music. Only the its a little
laggy .After all , I like the video.

Posted by: blueshell at Wednesday, May 19 2010 12:26 PM (GAMsC)

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