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Daily News Stuff 10 September 2022

Don't Open The Door Edition

Top Story

  • I found a new door to not open.  Now that spring has come to New House City I opened up the sliding doors to the dining room to air the place out.  I didn't worry about the screens because there aren't many insects around yet.

    There are birds, however, and it wasn't ten minutes before I had a magpie as a houseguest.

    Turns out that magpie poop does clean out of carpet if you get to it promptly, so that could have gone worse.

  • Don't buy a graphics card for more than $500 right now.  (Tom's Hardware)

    In fact, the article suggests, don't buy a graphics card for more than $250 right now.  Mid-range and high-end cards from Nvidia and AMD are only a couple of months away.  Low-end cards aren't expected to be replaced until later, perhaps the middle of next year, so the RX 6600 remains a solid choice if you need something right now.

    Otherwise hold off if you can.

    Which is slightly annoying if you want to build a Ryzen 7000 system because the new CPUs launch in two weeks.

Tech News

  • If you already did buy a graphics card for more than $500 and want to tinker with AI stable diffusion image generation programs like Img2img Stable Diffusion web UI makes that easier.  (GitHub)

    Written in Python it provides you with - as the name suggests - a web UI so you don't need to remember 900 arcane command line arguments.

    It does specifically need an Nvidia graphics card - or rather, Img2img does - but I have a couple of those sitting unused right now and might give this a try.

  • Winamp 5.9 is out.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Because that llama's ass ain't gonna whip itself.

  • The US Navy says all UFO videos are classified and releasing them will harm national security.  (Vice)

    Did the Zerg also give 10% to the big guy?

  • Are AMD laptops really more energy efficient than Intel?  Yes.  (Hot Hardware)

    There are some cases where Intel does very well, but overall AMD is ahead, sometimes far ahead - particularly if you're depending on integrate graphics:
    Regarding the utlraportables, AMD pulls off another really great efficiency win. Not only is the frame rate 60% higher than the Intel-based Samsung Galaxy Book2 360, it uses 30% less power. Plus the performance is something you can really feel; 46 fps is smooth enough, but averaging up near 74 fps is quite smooth, and the dips are going to be a lot higher than Intel's, too. We're at a performance level where we'd like to play this game on the ASUS machine, whereas the Xe IGP in the Core i7-1260P powering the Samsung notebook might force us to play on lower settings to be more comfortable.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what Zen 4 and 5nm bring to laptops next year.  AMD has noted that in their new low power settings (65W) for desktop chips they are getting 75% better performance than with Zen 3, which is a huge increase for a single generation.

  • Intel has started the first $20 billion stage of a planned $100 billion manufacturing site in Ohio.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The first two factories are expected to come on line in 2025.

Disclaimer:  Hands!  Hands at the ends of my arms!

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1 The navy flies experimental aircraft, and as much as everyone in the world is a dumpster fire, they don't actually /have/ to hold the hands of hostile foreign powers when hostile foreign powers are trying to learn enough to counter or duplicate US capabilities. 

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2 If there was a civilization powerful enough to travel between the stars, I'm sure the US Navy making pictures of them classified would put a stop to it.

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