Saturday, August 21


And So Australia Goes To The Polls

Don't blame me, I voted "None of the above."

Update:  As of a few minutes ago (thanks ABC)

66.5% counted.
Updated Sat Aug 21 09:20PM
Party % Vote Swing Won Predict
38.1 -5.3

Budgie 43.7 +1.5

Fruitbat 11.6 +3.8

Others 6.6 -0.1


And about half a million informal votes.

Unfortunately, there's no way for both the major parties to lose.

Update: Latest predictions are Team Budgie 74, Team Ranga 71, Team Fruitbat 1, and Team Noneoftheabove 4.

Since 76 seats in the House are needed to form government, that would mean that Team Budgie would require the assent of two of the independents, or Team Ranga all of the independents and the Fruitbat.  And that's before we even start thinking about the Senate.

Confused?  I'll let Taiwan explain:

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