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And Again

I'm spending way too much money on Steam this holiday season, but since I didn't buy myself anything else for Christmas (apart from some triple-cream King Island Brie, and that was on special...  oh, and Ponyo, but that's a medical expense* and was also on special), and since the total amount is equal to maybe three new-release games at retail price, it's not a real problem.

Though I have now messed up four times and bought a game and then followed up by buying a pack that includes that game.  Which has cost me, let's see, $16.50.  (Actually one of those was buying a pack that was included in a larger pack...)

But then, to pick one example, for the cost of one new release game (US$75, where a new game typically costs A$80-100), I'm getting 9 games and expansion packs that I actually want, and a further 10 that could be interesting and generally received good reviews.  The most expensive single game so far has cost me $13.59; the cheapest $1.99.  (Well, $1.49, but that was one of the ones I ended up buying twice.)

When I will actually find time to play any of these is a different matter; I hardly have time right now for Bubble Tanks Tower Defense or Billy vs. Snakeman.  But I now have tactical and/or strategic wargames covering every epoch from ancient Greece and Rome through Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe to WWII and WWIII (had the Cold War run hot), plus a whole slew of real-time and turn-based fantasy and science-fiction wargames, for a near limitless supply of virtual baddies to virtually dissassemble.**

No Crusades or Mongol Hordes, and no Civil War or WWI, though they seem to be the only major gaps post-Bronze-Age.

Mostly RTS or tactical, but also a scattering of RPG, a couple of FPS, and a selection of indie/casual games.

Now I just need to download them all.  Never mind playing them, it's going to take a week just to download them.

Update: Added them all up.  237GB.

* Ghibli films are cheap, keep me sane, and have few harmful side-effects. I really should be able to claim them on my insurance...

** What was the last major wargame I played?  C&C Generals maybe?  In that game you could play as America, China, or as the filthy terrorists.  I played mostly as America, occasionally as China.  I don't really see much appeal in playing as the terrorists, or as Nazi Germany, as at least three of my new purchases allow.  I want to squish the bad guys.

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1 ...Billy vs. Snakeman...

Do you happen to know any contact info for BvS's higher-ups?  I've gotten two doses of malware from their website since Dec 19th.  I had to reinstall Windows yesterday, and I'd like to complain to someone.

...and I'm not visiting the site until I hear from them.  It's a shame, I really enjoy the game!

Posted by: wonderduck at Saturday, January 02 2010 05:38 AM (ffKVz)

2 Ah, crap.

They've had problems with their ad network serving up malware before, I know that.  I run Adblock and haven't had any problems, but that's very likely what it is.

I'll see if I can find an email address.  You may not want to visit the forums either.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, January 02 2010 05:58 AM (PiXy!)

3 I just installed Adblock Plus... didn't know about it!

Posted by: wonderduck at Saturday, January 02 2010 07:28 AM (ffKVz)

4 Heh.  I just heard back from The Mods.

According to them, it's my fault.

"MESSAGE FROM THE MODS: We've looked into it, and runs hundreds of tests, and the malwre isn't coming from any of our ads. You may very well have malware that activates when a certain number of ads have been loaded, and it isn't 'setting off' until you hit that mark - which is happening during BvS. I don't mean to sound insulting, but it really, realy isn't us if it wsa, you'd hear about it in the real news, since we use the same advertisers as major industries, not just little nobodies. Please check the Bug Forum in the Forums for much more information."

Maybe this is so, but it seems to be unlikely.

Posted by: wonderduck at Saturday, January 02 2010 04:08 PM (ffKVz)

According to them, it's my fault. is ALWAYS your fault. Its a rule...right in the policy book.

Go kill you some zombjias smile

Oh and hAlp!1!

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Saturday, January 02 2010 06:54 PM (OEX1Z)

6 Oh yes, I'm well aware of this policy book.  Believe me, it's pointed out to me every day that it's always my fault.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, January 03 2010 03:29 PM (ffKVz)

Oh yes, I'm well aware of this policy book.  Believe me, it's pointed out to me every day that it's always my fault.

Pixy...Wonderduck broke mai blog...he evin 'mitted it.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Monday, January 04 2010 04:46 AM (NkKu7)


Mr. Handbags, I would think you would be more interested in "nofollow", which all and blogs use.

What "nofollow" means is that Google ignores your spam comments. It means that all your efforts to spam here are giving you exactly zero boost. It means you are wasting your time, not just ours.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, January 10 2010 02:45 AM (+rSRq)

9 Yes I see. Sorry for spaming you. 

Posted by: Mr. Handbags at Friday, January 22 2010 10:15 PM (lBqtn)

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