Thursday, January 15


You Could Take A Shower In It

Don't have a working cold water tap today.  Have a hot tap, and a slightly hotter tap.

The hot water at my place is locked to a child-friendly 50°, while outside it hit a not-so-friendly 43° today.

I bought a little water cooler just before Christmas.  Best $99 I ever spent.

Ah.  The promised 'cool change' (a.k.a. violent thunderstorm) looks like it's arriving right about now.  Not a minute too soon, either.

Update: Temperature dropped nearly 15° in two hours.  That's better!

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1 It's currently -26 Celsius here at The Pond, and supposedly it's going down to -33 C tonight.

Wanna trade places?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, January 16 2009 01:54 PM (sh9fy)

2 So on average, we're nice and comfy. wink

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, January 16 2009 02:33 PM (PiXy!)

3 It's 27 degrees here (minus ~1.5 million Celsius if my math is right) and we live in the southern US.  It should be around 60 degrees (plus 437,000 C).  It's been that way all week.  Why is global warming only working down under?  It's not fair.  I'm turning off my CO2 generators until I can get some assurance that some of it will stay in the northern hemisphere.

Posted by: Kevin at Sunday, January 18 2009 03:33 PM (KO6dP)

4 Completely not related to your post.

Are you working on a comment server that DOeSN't SUCK?

And. . .

Are you one of the guys in the white paper who helped created the connection with the island near Togo?

If you are . . . AWESOME!!!  (cuz I know that the guy who created the .TO whatchamakalit, made mad money, and so did the beuracracy, but there was no extra services to the community (read about it in '98, funny they focused on togo, rather than nieweu or whatever the island is called, cus it sounds like the .nu efforts were MUCH more impressive.)

Just wondering.


Posted by: wickedpinto at Sunday, January 18 2009 05:10 PM (ul7te)


What the hell?

Rule #1: If you're looking for a favor, or an answer, do not insult the person you see it from.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, January 18 2009 05:22 PM (+rSRq)

6 I gave him a chance to hit on my ex girlfriend stephen.

We are EVEN!

BTW she's HOT!  and I'm not nice about hotness, my girl is HOT!

Posted by: wickedpinto at Sunday, January 18 2009 06:10 PM (ul7te)

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