Thursday, November 26



My KVM works perfectly.  The problem was that (a) I had Nagi connected on port 3 rather than port 1, and (b) the USB connection to Nagi was loose so it wasn't registering.

Since I only had Nagi switched on when I first tested it, all I got was a blank screen - the KVM doesn't pass through the video if there's no USB connection.

Now I just need to swap around the cables to the intended order (from Haruhi-Yurie-Nagi-Tanarotte to Nagi-Haruhi-Yurie-Tanarotte, ick) and all will be well.

But first I have a report to write for work, and then some spammers to kill.

Update: And when I say it works perfectly, I mean if you don't mind having your monitor randomly blank out or change resolutions.  Bleh.

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