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Question for all my listeners: What was the second album in the Dance Dance Kitten series?

The first was the eponymous Dance Dance Kitten.
The third was of course What Dance Dance Kitten Did on Her Holiday.
And the fourth was Kitten Nation.

I think the second might have been something simple like Dance Dance Kitten Returns, but I can't remember, and Google offers me no hits.

Actually, I think it was more like Dance Dance Kitten Takes Off, though that's not quite right.

Somewhere I must have a backup of the original Electric Ant Orchestra site ca. 2001, but I have no idea where.

Update: You know, there's a reason why I need 10TB of disk space.

The answer is, What Dance Dance Kitten Did on Her Holiday is the second, not third, in the series.

The third is in fact Dance Dance Kitten In Love.

Having ascertained that, I present, all the way from 2001, the EAO:

The Electric Ant Orchestra is:

"Electric" Liz Formici (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) gave her name to her art when she joined with Harri Apis and Su Lepido to form the Liz Formici Three - quickly renamed as the Electric Ant Orchestra. Originally from Rockhampton in Queensland, Liz made the transition to big city life slowly, moving first to Brisbane in 1988, and then to Sydney in 1994. Unlike the other members of EAO, Liz has some idea of what she is doing, having studied music for two years before changing courses and getting a degree in Mathematics. Unsurprisingly, she now works in the computer industry.
Harri "I'm a Girl!" Apis (Keyboard, Synth, Vocals) was apparently something of a tomboy in early life and has yet to live down her nickname (although these days she is a little harder to mistake for a boy). She first met Liz in 1996, and together they made several unsuccessful assaults on the music industry before forming the Electric Ant Orchestra with Su Lepido in 1999. The world being what it is, Harri has been forced to supplement her income with a day job as a magazine editor.
"Lazy" Susan Lepido (Drums and stuff), claims that this is the most recent available picture of her. Originally from a tiny village in southern England (long since swallowed up by the sprawling London suburbs) Su arrived in Australia at the age of three-and-a-half with her parents and younger sister Kate in tow. After growing up in the University town of Armidale, she moved to Sydney at the age of 22, irresistably attracted to the bright lights of the big city. Somewhere along the way, she collected a degree in pharmacology.
Electric Ant and Return of the Electric Ant were written and arranged by Andrew Maizels, who is strangely immune to the powers of photography (and is rarely seen during daylight). He submitted this picture of 'Tomboy Kitty' instead. Andrew was born in Melbourne and moved to Sydney at the age of 6. He apparently likes it there. When not annoying the neighbours with new arrangements of Bugtown Boogie, he works as a computer programmer for a major phone company.

(The original formatting requires an 800-pixel column width, which I can't do with my curent blog layout, so I had to squish things up a bit. I'll create a custom EAO page later. I think now the only thing I've lost from the entire project is the uncompleted lyrics to Ant and Bee / Ant in the City.)

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1 "Bugtown Boogie"?


Is he a fan of Those Annoying Post Brothers?

Posted by: refugee at Sunday, January 04 2009 05:50 AM (9zhVZ)

2 Mmmmmmno?

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, January 04 2009 04:32 PM (PiXy!)

3 Is he a fan of Those Annoying Post Brothers?

I don't know about him, but I sure am!  I've got a cassette of theirs somewhere around The Pond.  Oh, and the comix are good, too.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, January 04 2009 05:16 PM (sh9fy)

4 Head Wounds!  That's it, that's the one I own.  Where DID I put that...?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, January 04 2009 05:18 PM (sh9fy)

5 Just throwing some linkage based on vague correspondence to this post.

Perhaps the vagaries of selling out versus staying true to art. Or just a plain weakness for girls in general.

Posted by: Andrew at Monday, January 05 2009 07:55 PM (NXtwT)

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