Saturday, August 30


One Of Those Other Days

Not one of those days; one of those other days.

Okay, so my teraflop video card has to go back for replacement.

But I have three monitors that work perfectly.  I've unboxed the second of the new monitors and hooked it up, and it's as good as the first.  (But about 3mm shorter, for some reason. But it's height adjustable, so I adjusted it.)

It used to be that when you bought a new monitor, you'd spend an hour or so with the controls, setting it so that the edges were straight - and parallel - and perpendicular.   These days, particularly with DVI or HDMI, you don't have any such worries.  What you do have is bad pixels.

Or in my case, what I don't have is bad pixels.  Except for my TV, which has one pixel that is stuck red, all my LCD panels are flawless.

And while I've had more bluescreens today than I've had in the past year, now that I've stopped mucking about with the video card and my integrated graphics (I tried overclocking it; bad idea) everything is stable again.

And now my backup internet connection has started working again.

It went on the blink about three months ago.  At first it would work for a few hours, then drop out repeatedly.  More recently, it would only stay up for a minute or two between dropouts, which made it basically useless.  Between my two jobs and not moving house, I've been too busy to worry about getting it fixed.

Just plugged the modem back in to try it out.  Changed one setting - at some point, I factory reset the modem to try to fix it - and it came up.  19052kbits down, 1023kbits up.  (My primary connection is 18440kbits down, 2081kbits up.  Yay for Annex M!)

And my billing cycle ends tomorrow, so I have 150GB of bandwidth to use up in 24 hours.  Torrentstorm!

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That's why I went with DLP for the TV: no plasma burn-in, no LCD pixel death, so it should run flawlessly for a good 7 years.

Or course, a new chip comes out every year or so, so now I could get a 72" 1080p for half what I paid for my 61" 720p four years ago.  Grrr.

Oh well, maybe next year.  Spent way too much on toys this year anyway.

Posted by: TallDave at Saturday, September 06 2008 02:08 AM (/s1LA)

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