Tuesday, January 22



Sorry, still recovering from an unexpected total existence failure here at Pixy Labs.  But during my recuperation, I got a chance to catch up on Moyashimon.

Originally, Shinsen Subs was fan-subbing this show; then their translator had to leave for personal reasons.  BSS picked it up, but their release of the later episodes was delayed.  SEES took up the slack, but stopped when BSS announced that they were still intending to complete the series.  Then finally Kiki Delivers delivered.

This is my number two show for 2007, just behind Potemayo.  Like Potemayo, it's a quirky comedy, though this time about bacteria instead of potato-cats.  I hope to have a full review of it up sometime soon, but in the meantime, if you haven't seen any of it, here's the opening:

And closing:

The show was produced, broadcast, and fansubbed in HD, and looks miles better than youtube, but that gives you and idea of what you're in for.

And if there's anyone reading this who has seen the whole show, a question:

Update: Apparently not.

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