Wednesday, August 20


Does Not Compute

Quiet location, close to shops and rail, set in two acres of established garden.

Bzzzt.  Beep!

Where I am right now, that would run in the mid seven figures, and be knocked down and converted into townhouses within about thirty minutes.

Update: Found a nice, big, new or near new (not sure - in the photo it's obviously brand new, but I'm not sure if the photo is new...) townhouse in Castle Hill, a few miles from where I live now.  $30 more a week for a significantly larger and better-equipped place.  (Ducted air conditioning!  Yay!  I had to run my portable air conditioner all last summer because the built-in one, which only cools the ground floor anyway, died and hasn't been repaired.)

Walking distance to a large and quite nice shopping centre.  Only problem is it's not on a railway line, not anywhere near a railway line, so it's buses for me.  I did that for 18 months and lived, but I lived quite close to work at the time.  This would be 50 minutes each way.  Much of that would be zipping along a motorway, but much wouldn't.

If I move down to Moss Vale it would be an hour and 50 minutes each way on the train.  On the train I can sleep, or pull out my notebook and work play games; on the bus either one is pretty much impossible.  (But still, an extra hour...)

On the other hand, if I move to Castle Hill I have a choice of 16 different ADSL2 providers.  (Well, 6 providers and another 10 resellers.)  In Moss Vale, the number is zero.  I should be able to get a basic ADSL service, but if that doesn't work out for some reason, there are no alternatives.  No cable, no wireless, nothing.

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