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1 With 11, Microsoft opens themselves to speculation about Microsoft, MS (Windows) 13.  Or awful jokes if you prefer calling such comments that instead of speculation.

Wizards is not entirely unrelated to Windows, the management of the former apparently came out of Microsoft.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, January 20 2023 07:01 PM (r9O5h)

2 Correct.  Several years ago, the long-standing executives were encouraged to leave over time, and one Chris Cocks, formerly of XBox, was installed as President of WotC.  He is now President of Hasbro, WotC parent company.
While I was still there, his agenda was clearly "monetize all of the things", and that has obviously not changed, with public comments from the latest President of WotC of "D&D is insufficiently monetized."
His other agenda at WotC was deleting the existing company culture, which was best exemplified by the statement "we are caretakers of Magic and D&D."   
As far as I'm concerned, there's your "villain" of the piece.  ["Maximizing Shareholder Revenue" is his job, but he's demonstrated a willingness to overemphasize short term gain over long term sustainability, IMAO.]  I'd bet he will bail before the ship completely sinks, but he's destroyed the brands that were Hasbros best revenue generators.  That won't end well for them.
Pixy-like not-a-disclaimer: it looks like Pathfinder 2e will be a perfect replacement for the new campaign.  So it goes.

Posted by: DougO at Saturday, January 21 2023 03:55 AM (T6enK)

3 I sure don't recall seeing that open italics tag before posting.  owell.

Posted by: DougO at Saturday, January 21 2023 03:56 AM (T6enK)

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Posted by: Aliya at Monday, January 30 2023 05:39 PM (w+6m8)

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