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Thursday, May 08


Some Of Us Have No Spare Time At All

While others seem to have too much...


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Monday, May 05


Things That Make You Go Oops

I'm busy tweaking the>Minx syncromatic dimensional portaliser for increased efficiency.  I want to run it at frequent intervals to update the Minx versions of the blogs in as close to real-time as possible.  (Given that the two systems have entirely different database structures and all, so simple replication is out of the question.)

Teeny leetle mistake made one key function run 18,000 times slower than expected.

Another major problem is with spammers: The program checks any post updated in the last two days.  That includes any post hit by spam, which is a lot more than the number of posts with valid updates or comments.  That one's harder to fix, but I can tweak it a little.

Nearly there, folks, nearly there.

Update: And if you set the post status wrong, you don't see anything.

Update: Blargh!  Userids.  It's always the userids!

Update: Okay, that's got it.  Sort of.  Need to populate the user mapping table, and there's something weird going on with categories.  But apart from that, um, and checking that it's auto-generating the banners properly, it looks like it's working.

Update: Bleh.  Categories still playing up.  That will have to wait until tomor...  Later today.

Update: But before I go - yep, it's generating the banners correctly.  Just my test domain playing up a little in serving the images.


Not bad for a random process.  Well, a random process and the generosity of PD Photo.

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Sunday, May 04


Horse And Carriage

Otters and pocky go together like a...


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Friday, May 02


Oi! Come Back With That Idea!

There's this story idea I've been tinkering with regarding unimaginably ancient intelligent space ships that exist outside of our universe, and merely project some small part of themselves into our reality, leaving them with the ability to travel anywhere, anywhere at all.  I called them void ships.

New Doctor Who, season 2, episode 12.  I guessed what the thingy was about five seconds before the Doctor identified it - but I didn't expect them to steal my name as well as my idea!


Ah well, let's see where they go with it, since I got nowhere.

Update: Ooh, it's like a Kinder Surprise egg...  Full of scorpions... When you're knee deep in a snake pit.

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Over The Edge

Ben Stein has lost the plot:
Stein: Love of God and compassion and empathy leads you to a very glorious place, and science leads you to killing people.
I thought he was just a lying weasel.  In fact, he's stark raving mad.

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Thursday, May 01


Return Of The Stupid

There's a pre-update update available from the Intention Experiment loons.  Under the headline Are we all Qigong masters? First feedback about our Water Structure Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggart writes:
Although the scientists are not finished examining their data, they have told me one thing: they’ve seen results they’ve never seen before with their equipment.

One reason it is taking so long is that our water had a great deal of variation an hour before the experiment was run. This could mean that our anticipation of the event began to affect the water. Or it could mean that our hypothesis is wrong.

Or it could mean that with intention, we are emanating an energy like a Qigong master, which is being picked up by the spectroscopy before the event.
Or it could be that your scientists are incompetent clowns who bollixed up a simple procedure.
The scientists chose to use Raman spectroscopy because they discovered one published study showing that Qigong Grandmaster called Dr. Yan Xin significantly altered the structure of a water sample, as measured by a Raman spectrometer, when he sent his Qi from a place seven kilometers away from the water sample.
So, not because Raman spectroscopy is actually suited to the task, or they are particularly familiar with the procedure, but because someone else found a unicorn with it.

Some of the comments following the post are so stupid that I am tempted to believe that they are satirical, but my hopes have been dashed too many times for that.

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New Doctor Who

Is actually pretty good.

I think I'd only seen one or two episodes before now, and somehow managed to find a the only lame ones in a consistently strong series.  I went back and started from the beginning of the new series, and it's much better than my earlier impression.  Even the effects are excellent, which is most un-Doctor-Whoish.

Apparently there are plans under way to bring back Blake's 7.  If they do as good a job with that as the BBC has done with Doctor Who, I'll be there.

Update: Uh.  Except for the episodes which are really, really terrible.

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