Sunday, December 23


UPS And Downs

So I went out and bought that UPS today.  Well, not that UPS, but a UPS.  Nice big 16-pound 700VA unit.  Runs Haruhi and Yurie and all their ducklings (the four external drives) just fine.

Except...  It's starting to look like the problem with my MyBook isn't the power supply.  It's on a UPS, and it will still spin down while in use.  Hell, it spun down during a chkdsk.  That's not a useful feature in a drive.

I'm copying everything off it (if I can find the space for that, since I'm copying everything off everything right now), and then I'll see if I can work out how to open it up and remove the drive itself.  I have a few Western Digital drives in use, and none of them except the MyBook have given me a moment's bother*, so if I can get it out of the crappy enclosure I'll at least have recovered the larger part of what I spent on it.

Oh, and with four USB drives attached, Haruhi won't boot.  Unplug them, boot up, and plug them in, and it's all fine.  The interesting thing - for BIOS programmer values of interesting - is that it freezes somewhere between identifying the CPU and testing the memory.  That's something of a WTF.

I could turn a couple of them into eSATA and see if that makes a difference.  Not until I have them backed up, though.  Not after what happened to the late lamented Goldie.

* Oh yeah.  Except for the NCQ bug that crops up under Linux.  Bleah.

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1 The first external storage product I have bought that exceeded my expectations is my Drobo. I have had issues with other drives constantly, many different issues - but Drobo has been a dream. Check it out...

Posted by: Rob Quarters at Monday, December 24 2007 04:07 AM (/GEUN)

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