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Hitachi announces 1TB drives.

Suggested retail price of $399; the Seagate 750GB drive sells for around $340, so that's a pretty good deal. Seagate launched the 750GB back in April at a price of $559.

This is good news, because I need a bunch of these. And SoftLayer do use Hitachi drives. (I just checked: Akane has Hitachi drives; Nabiki has Western Digital. Ranma, which is hosted at LayeredTech, also has Western Digital.)

The new drives are 5-platter models, so they don't actually represent an advance in areal density, but they do represent an advance in the amount of storage you can jam into a 1U server.

(Via The Inquirer)

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I was --><-- this close last night to pulling the trigger on buying a handful of 500 gig drives last night to stick in a media server.  Glad I waited.

(not that I'd buy a handful of these right off the bat -- I just want them to drive down the price of the 500 gigers!)

In a 1U server do you just mirror drives?  On that note -- out of curiosity, what do you do for backups?  I retired all our tape drives in favor of just copying two redundant copies of all our data on all the different servers on two JBOD boxen, but I can't help feeling that my way is somewhat schleppy.

Posted by: bkw at Saturday, January 06 2007 01:55 PM (bRLba)

2 RAID-5 for files, RAID-10 for databases.  (The 1U servers I use have four drive bays.)

And yeah, I back up my files by copying everything onto another computer.  (Or archive it onto DVD-R if it's static data.)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, January 06 2007 08:51 PM (GaSFI)

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