Sunday, July 29


Ooh, I Just Had A Think

New feature coming in Minx 1.1: Applets.

Applets are just templates, but with some specific features and limitations:
  • Applets are called using the [applet] tag rather than [include]
  • You can call an applet from your local applets pool, from the global applet collection, or specifically from another Minx site, e.g. [applet AU.Sydney]
  • Like any template, applets can include Metl code (Minx Extensible Template Language), HTML, BBCode, JavaScript and CSS
  • Applets cannot update global template variables or global template functions
  • Applets can update user options
It'll only take me about a day to do all of this, but it will allow users to easily share functionality.  It does depend on the user option system... which will also take about a day.

I was going to leave this for 1.2, but I think I'll move it up.  Look for it soon!

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