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You can get a dual Xeon 5160 (that is, 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo) server from Dell with 16GB of memory and 4 300GB SAS disks for $10,000 (US).

That offers 90% of the SpecIntRate performance of a fully-loaded Sun E10K. (Assuming I've done the conversion right.)

If you happen to be looking for a compute node (say for a large-scale blogging app) and don't need huge amounts of memory or storage, you can get it for half that price.

Interesting point: The 3.0GHz chip is only $500 more than the 1.6GHz version. A dual 1.6GHz system is about the same price as a single 3.0GHz.

Oh, and AMD have responded with huge price cuts on Athlon 64 X2s. Not so painful if you bought one of the cheaper versions like the 3800+, but if you recently shelled out for a 5000 or an FX, ouchie.

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1 Picked up 4200+ for $330 today.  Definitely feeling no pain.

The 3800+ can be had for $250. Yow !

Posted by: Andrew at Sunday, July 30 2006 02:29 AM (P5BFK)

2 Proud owner of the X2 3800+.  Entire computer cost $700, so I'm not all that concerned about the price of the chip going down a smidge.    God, I love this beast...

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, July 30 2006 03:42 AM (zBXYv)

3 Gee, the Dell only costs $10,000 - plus $100,000,000,000 worth of aggravation dealing with their customer "service". Unless you are a huge corporation spending millions on computers at one time, Dell doesn't care about your business. I know; I've owned three Dells, and this one is my last. I was happy enough with the first one that I bought my second Dell without even checking out the competition. And when the hard drive started failing on warranty, I told them "I was thinking of getting a bigger one anyway; you don't have to replace it." Now just imagine what it took to convert me from that attitude to my present decision that, even if I end up with a crapbox that fails twice a month, it can't be worse than a Dell.

Posted by: the Wandering Author at Friday, August 11 2006 06:50 PM (zB9yr)

4 Well, now Apple have the same thing, only cheaper and prettier. :D

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, August 13 2006 03:39 AM (dluiY)

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