Sunday, January 22


One, Two, Many, Lots

Susie tagged me!

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life

Computer programmer*

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have

Spirited Away
Millennium Actress
The Princess Bride

Four Places I Have Lived

Um, other places in Sydney

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

Gakuen Alice
Galaxy Angel

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation

Mt Gambier (possums!)
Whitsunday Islands

Four Websites I Visit Daily since I got internet access again

JREF Forum
Tim Blair

Four Favorite Foods

Heinz Baked Beans in Ham Sauce
Cadbury Roast Almond Chocolate
Special K
Sausage sandwiches

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

Um. I'm in Sydney, Australia; it's summer; I have air conditioning and a 4.5Mbit internet connection. Oh, all right:

San Diego - similar climate, good internet access (and lower latency to munu), and Amazon doesn't charge three times as much for shipping as they do for the product

Four People I Am Tagging With This Meme


* Okay, and system analyst, system administrator, network engineer, webmaster, technical support monkey, database administrator; but always just as a distraction from the real job, which is programming. No matter what they hired me for.

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1 pixy, could you mail me please? i can't sign in. >:-(

Posted by: matoko kusanagi at Sunday, January 22 2006 10:23 PM (0v1hW)

2 I'm surprised you didn't nominate Tokyo as a place to be. That puts you closer to all that anime and manga. They also have fibre to the home. Albeit its colder during winter. I'm currently annoyed cause cable is acting up.

Posted by: Andrew at Monday, January 23 2006 12:21 AM (0585Z)

3 Do I get stealth points for recognizing that the post title is from the way Detrius the troll counts in Guards! Guards! (except when he was locked in the pork futures freezer...)?

Posted by: Susie at Monday, January 23 2006 01:05 AM (a0oF7)

4 Ooops! My bad! It was Men At Arms.....

Posted by: Susie at Monday, January 23 2006 11:54 PM (a0oF7)

5 Dangit, Susie, i was gonna ask the same question. and don't forget Constable Cuddy's heat exchanger helmet. :-D

Posted by: tommy at Thursday, January 26 2006 12:29 PM (EhwJT)

6 "Susie tagged me!" Did that hurt, or did she just put a collar and transmitter on you?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Thursday, January 26 2006 09:32 PM (zBXYv)

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