Sunday, November 26


Gerroutovit You Sicko Perverts!

Or, why I hate Google Image Search

Bad Example is a typical mid-list blog. It's actively updated, it has a certain number fans, it gets a decent number of readers and comments.

It's been trucking along at 20 to 30GB of bandwidth per month, until last month, when it suddenly spiked to nearly 100GB. So far this month it's over 130GB. And I couldn't work out why.

Until I trawled through the Apache logs.

And found 25,000 hits to the archive page for September '05 in the past five days.

Turns out that page just happens to be the number 2 hit on Google Image Search for "olsen twins nude".* And the number 1 search is obviously an error, so...

So. Here's Pixy's Tip of the Day: Forget all that SEO crap. It doesn't work. Just post pictures of the Olsen twins wearing butterfly pasties, and watch your server go up in smoke.

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A while back I finally got my act together and put in a "robots.txt" file. Part of it was to ban the Google images spider completely, because a ridiculous number of people were coming to my site because of about five pictures of currently-fashionable actresses.

At the time I wondered whether it would affect Google's cache which already knew about me. About a month ago I noticed that I was no longer getting hits from

Which suits me just fine. But it looks like it took several weeks. (Also I'm no longer getting image refers from Yahoo, another good thing.)

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, November 26 2006 09:35 PM (+rSRq)


Good news: it's now the #1 result!

(I only checked for, um, research purposes.)


Posted by: TallDave at Tuesday, November 28 2006 01:48 PM (oyQH2)

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