Wednesday, November 29


Falling Out Of Love

Has anyone else noticed that when you leave VMWare Server running for a prolonged period on a Windows PC it slugs everything up, including itself? It's not so bad on my office machine, but on my home machine, a lowly 2.6GHz P4, it gets pretty painful.

So much so that I gave up, and started pricing a new Linux box.

But then I realised that I have a Linux box right here.* Okay, so it's got 500-odd gigabytes of stuff on it that I'd have to get rid of so that I could reformat and reinstall, but some of that is probably duplicates, and I could just get another 320GB external drive for the rest, which is, like, heaps cheaper than a new PC.

So I did.

I got another of the evil Blue-Eye cases I bought last time - two actually, the second so I can put my semi-dead former C drive in and try to scrape some more data off. (When I was recovering data from it I frequently needed to power-cycle the thing, which becomes a lot simpler when it's in an external case. Which, yes, has a power switch. Right on the front.)

Had to slide my monitor a couple of inches to the right to hide the new one too.

I have a couple of 120GB drives sitting around unused, so when I've done with Mr C, I can pop one of those in. Which will give me three three-port powered USB2 hubs on my desk.

And an eerie blue glow when the lights are out. Okay, an eerie blue glow that you can read by, but the thought is there.

* This is my old Linux box. I'm not touching my main Linux box, which has a couple of terabytes of fansubbed anime on it. That one is sacrosanct.

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1 Getting 16MB/s using rsync over ssh with blowfish under Cygwin to the USB drive.

Gee.  I wonder what I'd get if I had a good computer.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 29 2006 08:53 AM (7Z+6r)

2 Oh.  No I'm not.  Thought that was a bit fast.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 29 2006 09:09 AM (7Z+6r)

3 I have a couple of Blue Eye drive cases.

They may not be totally evil but certainly those glowing blue LEDs do follow you around the room.

Thankfully they're confined to the study.

Posted by: Andrew at Wednesday, November 29 2006 07:19 PM (t8tOu)

4 The PC I was trying to back up just died.

It was working fine, right up until I wanted to make a backup.


Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 29 2006 09:33 PM (FRalS)

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