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  • Your Wyze webcam might have let other people see inside your house.  (The Verge)

    For about half an hour, if both of you were on their web portal at the same time.  There was a caching issue that misdirected video streams during that short interval.

    So not a case of a company that cannot be trusted, but one that made a mistake and immediately fixed it.

    In March 2022, Wyze revealed that it had been aware of a security vulnerability for three years that could have let bad actors access WyzeCam v1 cameras, but quietly discontinued the camera rather than telling customers about it.
    There's always an except.

  • Node.js 20.6 is out, a bugfix and feature upgrade to Node.js 20, which is like saying a new improved version of colon cancer.  (Dev Class)

    Node.js is bad.  It's possibly not the worst thing ever, compared with say the Black Death or the Mount Toba eruption which was so devastating that it may have left fewer than 10,000 surviving humans on the entire planet.

    But it's pretty close.

  • Need a good motherboard with lots of PCIe slots?  Spending someone else's money?  ASRock has you covered.  (Serve the Home)

    This is an EEB-sized server motherboard - even larger than E-ATX - so you'll need to look around for big desktop cases, but they exist.

    It has eight PCIe slots - seven x16 and one x8 - and eight DIMM slots.  It supports AMD's Epyc Genoa, Genoa-X, and Bergamo CPUs for up to 128 cores, up to 1TB of RAM (more if you can find a source for 256GB DIMMs), two M.2 slots, two 10Gb Ethernet ports, two USB ports, and VGA and serial ports.

    It is a server motherboard after all, so you're going to need to add cards for anything else.

    Still it's entirely feasible to build a high-end workstation out of this.  Or a 16-port 100Gb router.  The world is your mollusc.

  • Ban all the things! (Torrent Freak)
    Speaking with IBClast week, Sheila Cassells, Executive VP at the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance, warned that entertainment companies need to be very concerned about "any technological development” which can be used to access pirated content.
    Very concerned?
    "At a basic level – and common to all the technical devices mentioned – AAPA would like to see the production, marketing and distribution of any device which can be used to infringe IP made illegal.”
    Oh, very concerned.

    That would include all computers of every description, including all cell phones made since about 1998, all printers, scanners, cameras, and photocopiers, good old VCRs and cassette tapes, and of course the entire Internet.

    Sure. You go with that, Sheila.

  • Cetabyte Ceramic is poised to unveil an entirely new generation of tape drives with storage capacities in the range of tens of petabytes, with exabyte capacities forecast in the next decade.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That would allow you to store every movie and TV show ever produced in a bread box.

    It's essentially optical tape, writing microscopic (and for higher densities, sub-microscopic) patterns onto the tape, and reading them back with optical or electron microscopes.

Disclaimer: Sheila Cassells hardest hit.

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Somebody needs to do something about pencils!  Pencils infringe IP!

Posted by: normal at Saturday, September 09 2023 11:49 PM (obo9H)

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3 I went through the Node.js 20.6 fix Palworld Breeding Calculator review and it was really bad, it didn't bring any good user experience.

Posted by: Billie at Friday, March 08 2024 12:22 PM (3MHjG)

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