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Tim Blair and Brian Tiemann have commented on Robert Fisk's remarks suggesting that the collapse of the World Trade Centre was due to a conspiracy.

Well, of course it was, but that's not the conspiracy that Fisk and a small army of other deeply confused individuals are thinking of. No; planes full of jet fuel could not do it; it had to be controlled demolition involving explosive charges

Never mind that this is completely impossible for a thousand reasons, such as, for example, the fact that there weren't any such charges. Logic and fact mean nothing to these people; if you explain all the reasons why explosives could not have been put in place without it becoming open knowledge, they will suggest (this is a real example) that the explosives were mixed in with the concrete when the towers were first built.


What we are dealing with here is people who are blindingly stupid and wilfully ignorant, to the point where they are in effect functionally insane. That is, they are unable to apprehend or deal with the world as it is, and instead attempt to deal with the world as the imagine it to be. I mean, we knew that already; Fisk's conspiracy ramblings are really just a case of running an orange highlighter over a significant paragraph.

Given that Robert Fisk is quite obviously crazy, his broad popularity with the left is yet another indication of the deep and growing separation from reality on that side of the divide. I have no particular insight on what to do about this. Making fun of them seems to offer the best return on one's effort, though it is of course lost on the targets themselves. I'm open to suggestions.

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1 Fortunately, in a democratic system we don't have to win the loonies over. We just have to make sure they're in the minority.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Friday, March 31 2006 04:21 AM (+rSRq)

2 "the explosives were mixed in with the concrete when the towers were first built"  - I nearly snarfed milk out my nose on that one... it's just a damn good thing that I wasn't drinking any to begin with.  It constantly amazes me the more unlikely the explanation is, the more widely accepted.    Another take on Steven's response: You don't have to outrun the dragon, you just have to outrun the elf...

Posted by: Ethne at Friday, March 31 2006 03:52 PM (miAG4)

3 I would suggest ignoring them, but then they will make themselves be noticed in the most annoying ways (Such as spoiling obvious unpolitical stuff like anime - it can get annoying seeing how the Japanese view the world in anime that I do not need domesticated stuff.).   Fortunately, people like Fisk and fellow believers are unlike the veteran of the 1st Marine Division and Guadalcanal I met the other day, in that Fisk et al. are not the ones defending us.

Posted by: C.T. at Friday, March 31 2006 06:14 PM (RCyxv)

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