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I've found my copies of the subtitle files for Dirty Pair TV.

Now, if I only knew where the DVDs were...

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1 I can commiserate. My desk seems to eat disks like the washer and dryer consume socks. That's not such a big deal when it's stuff you can find on any shelf. It's another thing when your tastes run to things obscure and old. Speaking of things obscure and old, have you seen or heard anything about the new Pretty Sammy TV show?

Posted by: Will at Monday, February 13 2006 12:52 PM (Yx471)

2 No, it's news to me. Doesn't seem to be anything on the usual web sites either. I do have an excuse for the missing DVDs - I moved house recently. (Twice, in fact, but I did still have them after the first move.) I think I know which box they are in, at least.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, February 13 2006 11:09 PM (RbYVY)

3 Well, the show's homepage is here. My Japanese is very very rusty, but based on the news posts, I think it's into the second or third episode in Japan. I've been keeping an eye on animesuki to see if anyone decides to fansub it, but so far no such luck. I had a couple hard-to-get CD's disappear in my last move. Hopefully they'll turn up. Mine never did. (I originally had the Sammy link in the first comment, but I kept getting flagged for "questionable content." Then I moved the link to the URL field. That didn't fix it either. Turns out someone has put the three dot ellipsis on munu's blacklist.)

Posted by: Will at Tuesday, February 14 2006 01:25 AM (Yx471)

4 Go ahead, Pixy. Rub salt in the wound.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tuesday, February 14 2006 01:40 AM (zBXYv)

5 Rub rub. :) What have they done to Sasami?!?!?! Washuu and Mihoshi are at least recognisable. I think this one is aimed at six-year-olds rather than ten-year-olds. Bleh. Fixed the ... problem, by the way.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, February 14 2006 01:43 AM (LUBRF)

6 Yeah, I'm kinda surprised AIC let another studio start playing around with their characters. Misao's got the starry-eyed princess thing going this time around. Other than a change of hair-color for Honoka, the parents seem relatively unchanged from the original TV show. It looks like it's targeted at six-year-olds, but as we all know, with anime that can be rather deceptive. I figure I'll give the first couple of episodes a try before giving up on it. Ah... It feels so good to have dramatic... pauses back.

Posted by: Will at Tuesday, February 14 2006 10:56 AM (SOx9v)

7 You know what... I didn't bother to look at the bottom of the page and see that AIC is at least in some way involved in the project. Of course, if I hadn't recently blown through all the Crest/Banner of the Stars material, WOWOW and BeSTACK would look like a couple of no-name nobodies I'd never heard of.

Posted by: Will at Tuesday, February 14 2006 11:11 AM (SOx9v)

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