What is that?
It's a duck pond.
Why aren't there any ducks?
I don't know. There's never any ducks.
Then how do you know it's a duck pond?

Tuesday, October 10



200GB/2TB $9.95.

I'm assuming that they're banking on a 100:1 oversell - which is probably reasonable. I wonder what they would do if I actually started using that 2TB every month...

Update: Seek and ye shall find. Dreamhost blog: The Truth About Overselling.

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Monday, October 09


Relatively Painless

Moved everything across from the old servers to the new ones. And it all seems to be working, except for The Jawa Report, which I'll fix now.

50 gigabytes of assorted crep, dozens of applications, over a hundred databases. And, apart from MT Blacklist buggering itself, not all that much went wrong.

Funny thing was that this blog wouldn't work. I thought that a security option in PHP was tripping me up, since accessing minx.cc directly worked fine.

Then it started to work all by itself. Huh.

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Sunday, October 08


Cool Computer Facts

Number 87:

Disk drives are not supposed to go "beep".

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Saturday, October 07



The failure stopped being intermittent.

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Thursday, October 05



Intermittent thermal-related failure of your southbridge sucks.

Mostly it looks like a drive failure, but not always. The neatest one was when the drive was working but the keyboard locked up.

So I can either move to Antarctica, or start looking for a new notebook.

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Easy Fighter!

So the DVD release of Hyperdoll has nothing in the way of extras?

That's such a shame, since the old laserdisc release* has a LIVE ACTION VERSION on the flip side.


* That I happen to own.

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Wednesday, October 04


Nyo Is War!

16 episodes? Oh, sure, 16 episodes in the original series.

And another 104 in the second series.

And another 48 short episodes in the third series.

And then there's the Summer Special, the Christmas Special, the OAV, the Movie...

Update: 104 episodes at twelve minutes each. The first series was actually designed as advertising, but it became a hit in its own right, leading to a veritable explosion of cute.

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Tuesday, October 03


Compare And Contrast

The First Amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 29, Paragraph 3:
These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

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Monday, October 02


Fractured Furry Tails

Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing a server migration right now, but it's a long weekend so I have plenty of time. [Had plenty of time. Wasn't expecting it to take 20 hours to do the CPanel account transfer. The migration is now set for next weekend.] Also, I'm feeling kind of lazy, and I'm waiting for the forums to finish copying.


We have the Three Musketeers, only the role of Athos appears to have been taken over Little Red Riding Hood (with tame wolf in tow).* Only now she's Akazukin the Ninja Girl, with a magic card-operated cellphone (shades of Pretty Cure, though thankfully sans irritating alien blobules) that doubles as a Garden Supa Centre and photon cannon.

And she's here to fight the forces of evil, which so far consist of Cinderella, Puss in Boots, the male half of Hansel and Gretel, and their army of hideous bio-mechanical bug-monsters.

I'm sure that the second episode will make sense of all this.

Oh, and Athos-chan is supposed to be fourteen. According the the website, all the main characters are supposed to be fourteen. She looks about six. Huh?

Update: And Porthos... Snow White appears.

And the animation director should be fired. The animation is not actually bad, but it is inconsistent. In scenes where the animators have been paying attention and the characters are on-model, they look about six... maybe eight, tops. In scenes where they are slacking, they look twelve, maybe even the supposed fourteen. And their proportions vary between scenes, and even within scenes. So they are clearly too short to easily stand at the kitchen sink and wash the dishes (without standing on one of those little steps that kids use) - but that is exactly what they do. And one moment they are little kids sitting on chairs at the cafe, with their shoulders clearly below the top of the chair back, and just seconds later their shoulders are just as clearly above the top of the chair back. And then some actual little kids show up - and some adults as well - and the whole scene just looks out of kilter.


At least for scenes involving just the main characters (both the good guys and the bad guys), everything is skewed in the same direction (kawaii-wards).

Update: And anyway, if Souta's fourteen, how come he sleeps with a blankie?

(Fairy Musketeers Akazukin)

* Before you ask, apparently the answer is Snow White and Sleeping Beauty respectively, but they haven't appeared just yet.

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