Thursday, June 23


Well, In That Case

Intel's dual-core Pentium D is out, and at a reasonable price (around A$400 for the 2.8GHz model). I'd love to put one in my Windows machine, because the rue for making Windows run at a reasonable speed is "One CPU for each application, plus one more for Windows".

Unfortunately, it's only available as Socket 775, where my machine is Socket 478. That's not too bad, I can get a Socket 775 motherboard pretty cheap.

Except that it won't run on just any Socket 775 motherboard; you have to have one based on the Intel 945 chipset. Those motherboards aren't quite so cheap, but they're not unreasonably priced.

Except that they only support DDR-II memory, so I'd have to replace all my memory. And they only support PCI Express, so I'd have to replace my video card.

So it ends up costing $1400 rather than $400. I might as well wait for the dual-core Athlon 64, which will at least use my existing memory.


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1 Intel? Feh! Only good for running Apple OS/X version 5 "Leopard". Otherwise, use AMD.

Posted by: Any A. Mouse at Thursday, June 23 2005 01:27 PM (kCb5q)

2 Everything I've seen indicates the AMD X2's are a much-superior dual core architecture too. My supplier (sounds like I'm an addict huh?) is an AMD Launch Partner, so I keep bugging them about when to expect availability. No answer yet. P. (And can you imagine a nice zippy dual core cpu fed by one of those Gigabyte ramdisks? Might actually make Windows a serviceable OS?!)

Posted by: Light & Dark at Thursday, June 23 2005 03:25 PM (+Ds2b)

3 Yeah, the AMD X2 is definitely a better architecture, but it will cost twice as much - for the chip, anyway. But since it will use my existing memory it ends up about the same.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, June 23 2005 06:47 PM (+S1Ft)

4 ya pidoras, pizu chujie doors, zaabuzte moi url - a suda pishite pisma i spamte -

Posted by: ya pidoras at Wednesday, July 26 2006 05:21 AM (qKguB)

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