Saturday, June 11


The Butler Did It

Had huge problems with my internet connection today. Drop outs, freezes, packet loss, data corruption, you name it. Tried everything. Checked ISP forums, no-one else seems to be having trouble. Disconnected, reconnected. Reset. Powered off. Unplugged the phone. Swapped cables around. Nothing helped. Sometimes it would work fine for, oh, several minutes, before melting down again.

In a final fit of desperation, I swapped my old reliable modem for a new ADSL2 unit I'm supposed to be testing. Of course, that meant I had to configure it from scratch with all my NAT rules and such.

And waddya know, it works. Not sure I'll recommend it though. The modem we currently sell has a wonderful diagnostic feature that tests everything that could possibly go wrong and gives a nice little report. It's an absolute life-saver. "Okay customer person, now click on Diagnostics and tell me what it says... Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. Fail. Right, that means your password is wrong."

This one doesn't have anything nearly as good.

Meanwhile, somewhere along the line, some episodes of Mahoraba that I was watching last weekend managed to corrupt themselves. That makes me kind of twitchy, because the files were fine when I watched them. Things that make you go urk.

And even after I'd patched them up with Bit Torrent (which is brilliant for that - it checksums the file in 256k blocks and then only downloads the corrupted or missing parts) - even when they were all happy again, WinAmp wouldn't play them. And it did a week ago. Some digging around suggests that it's choking on malformed VBR audio, but it worked a week ago. And Media Player plays the files just fine... And a week ago, Media Player on my computer would crash on startup.

I hate computers.

Um, anyway. Cool toy of the day is Azureus, an extra-nifty Bit Torrent manager written in Java. It's just the thing for downloading your 200 hours of anime a month. It can even show you an animated diagram of all the packets going back and forth between you and the other computers in the swarm. Azureus works particularly well when you aren't suffering 90% packet loss.

And it has a little blue frog. Every computer needs a little blue frog.

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1 I would blame Bill Gates. Windows is "inadvertently" doing some some truly evil things to non-MS video players, coincidentally (NOT!!) just as they're being forced to unbundle the MS Media Player from Windows in the EU. My Realplayer has developed a habit of freezing Windows and refusing to do anything but make really nasty blarting/squealing noises when I play some higher-definition files. The really diabolical thing about this is that it totally ignores all device input; NOTHING will undo the freeze and stop the blarting/squealing short of turning off the computer.

Posted by: TallDave at Saturday, June 11 2005 12:38 PM (9XE6n)

2 So, if I understood correctly, your connection to the internet stopped working and you switched modems and now it works but you can't watch Mahorba (which I guess is some video thing) but you almost got it fixed, but it doesn't work. The part about hating computers I totally got. Did I understand the rest, too?

Posted by: RP at Saturday, June 11 2005 04:38 PM (LlPKh)

3 Yep. Well, I can watch Mahoraba in Windows Media Player, so all is not lost. Oh, and Mahoraba is a new anime series. :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, June 11 2005 09:56 PM (+S1Ft)

4 I'm willing to bet that you've got "Automatic Update" enabled on Windows, and sometime in the last week Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to update something in the system without bothering to tell you about it.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, June 12 2005 09:39 PM (CJBEv)

5 I'm willing to be that you're right. All my important stuff is on Linux, except for video-playing and games, so I let Microsoft patch their bugs whenever they like. It gets annoying when they also decide to do a remote reboot. I have finally got my Windows box stable, and now Automatic Update is my number one source of unexpected crashes.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, June 12 2005 11:13 PM (+S1Ft)

6 On a side note, Attack of the Show liked Azureus yesterday.

Posted by: owlish at Thursday, June 16 2005 12:17 PM (sBj9U)

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