Saturday, July 30


Hidden (Urrrrk) Talents

Your Hidden Talent
You have the power to persuade and influence others. You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around. The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it. Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Yup, and as soon as I finish barfing, I'm going to take over the world!

(via the Llamas)

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1 Mine is driving moonbats crazy by pointing out what fascist apologists they are. Funny that doesn't show up on the test....

Posted by: Dean Esmay at Tuesday, August 02 2005 09:47 PM (Fs6IG)

2 Pixy, I hate to wipe my feet on your carpet in your house, but I am getting spammed REALLY bad. Like three a minute from To ALL my posts. I am not at my home computer, so I don't know what to do. Sorry. I hate to bother you like this.

Posted by: Alex at Wednesday, August 03 2005 12:49 AM (8N2FJ)

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