Thursday, June 16


Cool Thingy of the Day

Xshell. An SSH client/terminal emulator for Windows that doesn't suck.


And it looks like version 2 (currently in beta) will remove most of the remaining suck.

I got a nice new monitor at work today - a 17" Acer LCD, 1280x1024. It's very sharp and clear on a DVI cable on my Windows box, but on a VGA cable connected to either of my office Linux boxes the picture starts halfway across the screen and nothing I do will make it move. One of my Linux boxes has DVI output, but it doesn't actually output anything, so it's not a lot of use.

I have to have access to my Linux boxes to do my job, so I spent an hour downloading SSH clients trying to find one that didn't suck. Xshell was it.

Downside: It costs $69. Oh, and you have to bang it on the head a few times to knock some of the suck out (depending on what you consider suck), but it's configurable enough that you can get it working just the way you want with a few minutes of tweaking.

Xshell gets a silver "Doesn't suck much at all" award.

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1 Why not PuTTY? Kind of curious, since it's pretty pervasive in my experience (to be honest, I don't know anyone who uses anything else), it's free (and open source), and seems to do everything I've ever needed quite well. Does Xshell have some killer feature PuTTY is missing, or what?

Posted by: Cody at Thursday, June 16 2005 07:58 AM (GaTJ4)

2 I forgot about PuTTY - I haven't used it for ages. Yeah, PuTTY is pretty good. But Xshell 2 has tabbed shelling. Since I typically have shells open on twelve servers at once, and multiple sessions on some of them, I neeeeed tabbed shelling.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, June 16 2005 08:27 AM (+S1Ft)

3 Ah. Yes, I can see where that would be a "killer feature". :-)

Posted by: Cody at Thursday, June 16 2005 04:32 PM (GaTJ4)

4 Wow, talk about praising with faint damns... I'll have to steal that Silver "Doesn't Suck Much At All" award!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, June 17 2005 02:07 AM (ds0+e)

5 Yeah, I just got stuck with PuTTY as part of my upcoming WinCVS gulag imprisonment (where's Amnesty International when I need them???). It's OK I guess, but I still hate it just for being associated with my our less-than-worthless WinCVS implementation.

Posted by: TallDave at Friday, June 17 2005 01:37 PM (9XE6n)

6 Can someone please just convince my employer to implement whatever stupid thingy is needed on the Exchange Server for Evolution to be able to connect to all the IMAP stuff? I swear, if they would do that I would abandon Windows forevermore! Then I wouldn't have to worry about whether I want to use PuTTY or XShell (tabbed is pretty cool though!) because I could get my SSH native, thank you very frigging much.

Posted by: Eric at Wednesday, June 22 2005 02:48 AM (xJTbs)

7 ya pidoras, pizu chujie doors, zaabuzte moi url - a suda pishite pisma i spamte -

Posted by: ya pidoras at Wednesday, July 26 2006 01:19 PM (8M7ix)

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