Tuesday, March 01


Bad Apple

Apple have told me, in polite and carefully chosen words, that they are not responsible for people who get bitten by their abrupt price changes.

I have replied, in likewise polite and carefully chosen words, that I do not find this response entirely satisfactory.

We'll see.

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1 You're going to be an unusual guy if you did get any results. That's pretty much been the company's standard deal for decades, ever since my Performa was sold the next day for half price. Now that I think about it, I'm still mad that the $1200 TI-99/4A sold for $50 about two weeks after I bought it....

Posted by: Chap at Thursday, March 03 2005 07:50 PM (wp4/x)

2 It's not just Apple, either. You'd be unusual if you got results from ANY retailer, unless they have a "price guarantee" policy.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, March 04 2005 01:34 AM (IZSVr)

3 And we don't get to see this carefully worded reply??? I for one am on tetherhooks (what is the origin of that phrase?)

Posted by: Rachel Ann at Wednesday, March 16 2005 05:17 AM (TgJbS)

4 Most retail outlets offer some kind of price guarantee, though -- especially if it's only been two weeks. Or else you can take it back, get a refund at your original price, then buy it again at the lower price. Another reason not to buy online, I guess.

Posted by: david at Wednesday, March 16 2005 09:04 PM (nZG6k)

5 I bought my Color Computer III the week it came out. I walked back into the same Radio Shack two weeks later for some components for an unrelated project, and the salesman told me I had a refund coming because the price had dropped. That thing was actually one heck of a computer in its day, and OS/9 was the best operating system on the market up till then, but the company, and even more so the stores, just pissed its value away.

Posted by: triticale at Saturday, March 19 2005 10:41 PM (J8WV5)

6 .. you alive, or what, fearless leader?...

Posted by: Eric at Sunday, March 20 2005 10:14 AM (YlwMq)

7 Uh oh. He complained about Apple and hasn't been seen since. We can put two and two together.

Posted by: TallDave at Thursday, March 24 2005 05:27 PM (lZMuK)

8 Are you mostly dead? Can I send you chocolate?

Posted by: Susie at Monday, March 28 2005 10:39 AM (g8g3w)

9 P.S. Happy Easter!!!!

Posted by: Susie at Monday, March 28 2005 10:45 AM (g8g3w)

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Posted by: ya pidoras at Tuesday, July 25 2006 09:02 AM (hNGYv)

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