Friday, April 01


A Quick Note

The Great Wizbang Evolution Debate (such as it was) is over, with Paul being hiativated for his excesses. (That's gotta hurt.) The discussion was getting a bit out of hand, and Kevin stepped in to settle things down.

And I haven't delunk* Wizbang, nor do I plan to. Hang on, I do link to them, don't I? Yes, thought so. While I agree with Pharyngula and disagree with Paul on this issue, I'm more likely on the whole to find good sense at Wizbang.

Republibertaricenterneocomoderates: The new big tent. Now with added name-calling!

* The only proper past-tense formation of delink.

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1 Good name. i prefer "those folks over there," but still a good name. :-D

Posted by: tommy at Friday, April 01 2005 09:52 PM (VCRgB)

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