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Tell Me Again Why I Need You, Karl

Damned if I know.

You might have already seen the ad produced by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. On its face, it's pretty damning for Kerry. I can't speak to the truth of the allegations, but the accusations do not sound out of place, nor do the accusers seem to be unreliable.

There are a number of ways you could respond to this: Release all your military records (which Kerry refuses to do); bring out witnesses to counter the allegations; try to smear the veterans; simply state that there is no truth to it.

But having your lawyers send threatening and misleading letters to radio stations instructing them that they should not play the ad seems, somehow, counter-productive. Not to mention, tone-deaf to nuance. Isn't Kerry supposed to be the nuance candidate?

More at Roger Simon and Instapundit and, I suspect, a hundred other blogs. Ace of Spades has more, Patriot Paradox has a note about John McCain's views, and Physics Geek notes another Democratic Party attempt to stifle dissent that is sure to backfire.

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1 There was a Day by Day comic awhile back that asked the same thing, voiced by Bush, in response to various Kerry snafus! In fact I looked it up for you: Personally I think McCain is playing politics to show he is neither GOP or Democrat influenced. My guess is that he'll run in 2008 as a moderate, saying he would be best to unite both sides. I'm almost positive Bush will win this year, and if so I doubt he'll support a McCain run at all. I'll guess Bush will support Rudy, and McCain will get support from members of both parties, with Hillary or another top teir Dem as their candidate. McCain will use such stances as these and his recent comments Bush's spending to make a good run at the nomination. Just guessing here.

Posted by: Nick at Saturday, August 07 2004 12:04 AM (0NIRK)

2 What amazes me is with all that, Kerry's still even in the polls with GW....P.T. Barnum never spoke truer, I guess...

Posted by: Susie at Saturday, August 07 2004 08:11 AM (CSnd4)

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