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Upgraded the MuNu MT database to MySQL today, something I should have done long ago. If you're going to run Movable Type, it's definitely worth your time to use MySQL or PostgreSQL (or I think SQLite is also supported). For a brand new blog there isn't much difference, but on a very large installation like MuNu, a SQL* database can be as much as 10 times faster.

With this on top of the Minxification of Ambient Irony, I now have some of the fastest MT comments around. Leave me a comment, and marvel in the fastness of it! It's almost... adequate!

* I say "a SQL database" rather than "an SQL database" because in my head I pronounce SQL as "skwuhl".

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1 See! Fast! Pity it keeps forgetting who I am...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, April 26 2004 07:57 AM (+S1Ft)

2 Well let's just see...

Posted by: Simon at Monday, April 26 2004 08:48 AM (+OTDr)

3 4 seconds. That's fast.

Posted by: Simon at Monday, April 26 2004 08:49 AM (+OTDr)

4 I expect it's even faster if you're on the same side of the planet as the server :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, April 26 2004 08:51 AM (+S1Ft)

5 (The actual processing seems to take less than 2 seconds.)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, April 26 2004 08:52 AM (+S1Ft)

6 Speed is cool. I like speed.

Posted by: Jim at Monday, April 26 2004 09:00 AM (saeHM)

7 Woosh!

Posted by: Susie at Monday, April 26 2004 12:10 PM (5H/6B)

8 Your comment system has one important flaw. All comments are downloaded with the main page whether the comments are desired or not. This isn't a big deal when there are few comments, but have a bunch of posts with large amounts of comments and the numbers start to add up.

Posted by: Rossz at Monday, April 26 2004 06:14 PM (n5Jbg)

9 Pixy has done it again. Ai was fiddling around in my templates this morning and rebuilding the index was so fast I did it twice because I didn't believe it the first time.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at Monday, April 26 2004 08:23 PM (4819r)

10 Ross - This is true. But. Um... You've got broadband anyway, so you won't even notice! Nyaa! (Basically it's a latency vs. bandwidth thing. Takes longer to load the main page, which can be fixed with more bandwidth - but - much less latency for reading comments, and it's a lot harder to reduce latency than to add bandwidth.)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, April 27 2004 01:52 AM (+S1Ft)

11 MYSQL has been a dream for me. easy to backup, easy to use. my comments are still slow mt comments, though. even slower with mt-blacklist. i need to look into Minxification. Umm, does that come in a bottle?

Posted by: rammer at Tuesday, April 27 2004 04:11 AM (VSkqV)

12 I always pronounce it "SQueaL", which has the added advantaget that SQL*Plus can be pronounced as "squeal splat plus"...

Posted by: Dominic at Tuesday, April 27 2004 07:42 AM (0h0BM)

13 Minxification? Does it have anything to do with cheese?

Posted by: Mr Mouse at Tuesday, April 27 2004 10:26 PM (yNckt)

14 True, the broadband does make it inconsequential. I suppose the dialup people might notice, but screw them - they don't count. BTW, did I mention how much I'm paying for my 5Meg/500k DSL connection?

Posted by: Rossz at Tuesday, April 27 2004 11:27 PM (n5Jbg)

15 GADZOOKS, man! Everything is running MUCH MUCH faster over at Miss Apropos' tuffet. You. Are. A GOD! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Posted by: Emma at Wednesday, April 28 2004 05:43 PM (kpNlZ)

16 fast

Posted by: spacemonkey at Thursday, April 29 2004 01:08 AM (qSKHX)

17 Amazingly fast. What were we running before? I'm almost enticed to play with MySQL. hln

Posted by: hln at Thursday, April 29 2004 06:56 PM (yJyUC)

18 Actually, it's still kind of slow. But it's a lot better than it was. We were running Berkeley DB before. There's nothing wrong with Berkeley DB - I've used it for far larger databases and it's fast and robust. It's just that MT doesn't use it properly. It works much better with SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are supported, I think).

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, April 30 2004 07:00 AM (+S1Ft)

19 Sound like a worthwhile upgrade... I'm currently using the BerkeleyDB method, how much of a pain in the arse is it to change over to MySQL? Maybe I'll attempt that this weekend, along with installing PHP on my server so I can add more fun MT goodies... -=kt=-

Posted by: ktpupp at Friday, April 30 2004 08:29 AM (LJejX)

20 My SQL instructor said it was usually pronounced as "Sequel". But he thought it might have been an east coast thing 'cause most pros around here (Fabulous Las Vegas) pronounce the letters "Ess Que Ell". I always pronounce it "Squirrel".

Posted by: Enas Yorl at Sunday, May 02 2004 06:45 PM (pGeyo)

21 "Sequel" is certainly standard in the UK, above a certain level of familiarity at least. "Squirrel" I had never heard! I still like "squeal" best, though...

Posted by: Dominic at Monday, May 03 2004 06:29 AM (evDgD)

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