Wednesday, March 24


Oh, That's Just Lovely

My mail server just died. The one completely reliable box I've had, kerflooie.

Well, let's reboot. Uh, Kernel panic: Aiee stopping interrupt handler is a bad sign, right?

Let's power off, and... Uh oh.

Try the Fedora rescue mode and... Nope.

Well, let's check the BIOS settings, maybe put it in a safe mode and -

580MB of memory? How can you possibly have 580MB of memory? Let me pull those bad old DIMMs for you.

256MB? Yes? Feeling better now? What's that? You're going to spend the next twenty minutes recovering your journal?

Fine. That's fine. Whatever.

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1 I really didn't understand much of it, but it sounds scary. And complex. Scarily complex.

Posted by: LeeAnn at Wednesday, March 24 2004 05:39 PM (HxCeX)

2 A dead server is a scary thing. I went through that a few months back. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as you. The powersupply died and must have surged big time, because both hard drives were completely dead. To make matters worse, I never did get my tape drive to work reliably, so the data loss was rather substantial.

Posted by: Rossz at Thursday, March 25 2004 12:34 AM (n5Jbg)

3 Yeah, I remember that. I've never had a power supply go like that. Not yet... I am slowly burning every file I have onto DVD-R. It's time consuming, but I think it's well worth it.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, March 25 2004 01:47 AM (kOqZ6)

4 Ahh, journal recovery ... nearly as much fun as watching paint dry!

Posted by: Rob at Thursday, March 25 2004 06:50 AM (kXZI6)

5 From the time it took, I think it was doing a full fsck - though it didn't say so. The only errors it found were on /tmp, so I'm not too worried.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, March 25 2004 07:04 AM (+S1Ft)

6 Is the Aieee part of the actual error message, or was that reaction on your part?

Posted by: Victor at Thursday, March 25 2004 12:13 PM (L3qPK)

7 No, the Aiee was part of the error message.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, March 25 2004 12:28 PM (+S1Ft)

8 As guard against kernel panics, I keep a rubber chicken, a plastic frog, and a picture. The picture depicts the last server that kernel panicked on me, right after it was kicked down a flight of stairs. All my systems at home behave much better, now. :P --Linda

Posted by: Linda at Friday, March 26 2004 02:02 PM (ktJme)

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