Friday, October 29


Lefty Morons: Barking Mad, Want Sedation

Via Tim Blair, this piece from the New York Times of the Southern Hemisphere:
Trailer trash: fightin' mad, want Dubya

One particularly overlooked group will keep the White House Republican next week, writes Peter Hartcher.

On the face of it, it seems ridiculous that George Bush should have any chance of re-election next week. He is the first president to oversee a net loss of jobs in the US economy since the Great Depression. He has led his country into the most controversial war since Vietnam.

It does get rather better from there, fortunately, with a decent explanation of the Jacksonian tradition. But the sub-editor who wrote that headline either (a) has a very fine-honed sense of irony or (b) is a complete idiot. And I know where my money would be.

Update: Again via Tim Blair, Evilpundit shows us that while the sub-editors at the SMH might simply be idiots, the cartoonists are actively insane.

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