Thursday, February 19


Ippatu Update

Okay, summary of episode one*
Our heroine, Kunyan, must escape from a sauna after dislocating both shoulders and both hips. She only has a limited amount of time to do so before she loses consciousness due to dehydration.

Oh, and in escaping she also manages to dislocate her jaw.

This is accompanied by medical information on joints and dislocation and diagrams showing the distance from the seat to the door of the sauna measured in Kunyan-lengths.

Kids, try this at home!

Episode two:

Kunyan and her flatmate have purchased a live King Crab for dinner. Unfortunately, it has escaped and is now firmly attached to Kunyan's face. They try to remove the crab using centrifugal force:
F (centrifugal force) = mv2 / r
(m = Kunyan + crab, r = radius, v = velocity)
That's direct from the video, by the way. Success!
Well, each episode is only four minutes, so they have a limited opportunity to torture poor Kunyan.

One more:

Trapped in an awkward Yoga position, Kunyan accidentally spills a bottle of liquor and it catches fire from a lit cigarette. Given that Kunyan is unable to stand up, how can she put out the flames?

Solution: Taking her flatmate's box of Valentine's Day condoms, Kunyan walks on her hands into the kitchen, climbs into the sink, and makes an arsenal of water balloons. (The video shows the recommended method for this.) The fire is put out, the apartment is saved!

As Kunyan says: Arigato... condoms.

* After BitTorrent stopped playing sillybuggers and I was able to download the files.

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