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Flying Squids vs. Pol Pot

Narutaru seemed a nice little show based on the opening credits and the first episode. By episode three, we have the bad guy proposing Pol Pot's Year Zero program.* Urk.

If he doesn't end up messily dead by the end of the series, there's no justice.

Update: Well, yes, a ten-foot blade through the chest should do nicely.

On the one hand, Narutaru seems to have gotten some really bad reviews. On the other hand, the worst of those were clearly written by idiots, and even the others seem to be of the "I don't understand it therefore it's bad" pattern. We'll see.

Update: On the third hand, this review, which is the only one I've seen that makes the Khmer Rouge link, gives it 4 stars.

* Not by name, but "A simpler society is better. There's no need for electrical or water services. Return to the original agricultural civilisation. I'll kill all medical eggheads, wealthy people and cultured people." doesn't leave much room for discussion.

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1 Yeah, but his buddies show up not long after. They're real pieces of work. Narutaru is insanely great on its own merits, but the opening credits is the worst case of fraudulent advertising I have yet encountered, unless you count "Michael Moore makes documentaries". My main beef with the series is that it's far too short at 13 episodes. It doesn't so much end as conclude. I didn't comment on the Khmer Rouge philosophy, because it's far too common in anime villaindom. I can't quite make out whether this is a serious trend in Japanese blackhattery, or just the East Asian equivalent of "Nazis. I hate those guys."

Posted by: Mitch H. at Tuesday, July 13 2004 12:28 PM (iTVQj)

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