Thursday, November 11


Darn Brain

"It can't have been me trying to kill you - I've never been to London. Besides", I added, "you're still alive."

That seemed to do the trick. I was told to report in as soon as possible.

I pushed the button, and rockets flared beneath the house... Beneath half the house. Bricks and mortar are fine under compression loads, but not so great under tension. We watched as the other half of the house broke away and started its fall back to Earth.

"Deploy parachutes!" A small parachute popped up from the falling half of the house, but did nothing to slow its descent.
"Deploy full parachutes!" No reaction.
"Deploy cushion!" Airbags inflated out from the basement, but I doubted they'd do much to soften the landing.


I wasn't the only one summoned to the meeting:

"So what do you do for a living?"
"Computer consultant. When times are good, I pick the fun projects. When times aren't so good, anything to do with computers.
"Lead and gold."
Her eyes widened.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"
"My power is to get some sort of idea of other people's powers. Probably why they brought me here. From you I'm picking up lead and gold."

By the way, whoever does the catering for those secret government gatherings of super-powered mutants should be shot. The food was terrible.

And I didn't even have the pizza.

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1 I think it might be time for a vacation, Pixy. Either that or put away the crack pipe for good.

Posted by: Jim at Friday, November 12 2004 08:07 AM (tyQ8y)

2 ...actually, that sounds like some wonderful excerpts from a great book, to me. Think you could flesh it out into a novel, Rev. Pixy?

Posted by: Nathan at Tuesday, November 16 2004 11:19 AM (AqZSF)

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