Sunday, August 29


Because I Can, Part 39

I now have an automated RSS feed that replicates my blog into the forums. Not just little excerpts, either, but complete HTML-formatted entries.

Why? Because I can.

Update: Apparently I can't. All the entries went across just fine, but now it doesn't seem to want to transfer this entry. Foo.

Update: Oh. The feed software works out that it's already imported an article based on the title. So I must have previously used "Because It Was There" as a post title. Now that I've renamed this, it should work fine. Let's find out, shall we?

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1 Wow, that all gave me a headache. I still don't know what you are talkin' 'bout.

Posted by: Tiger at Sunday, August 29 2004 04:17 PM (G5PGV)

2 PS. The css on your main page is horky on my system, in that the main data column so far as to cover almost the whole right column. IE 6.02, XP (Home) and have jes' rescently downloaded and updated with SP2 - 1024x768 P4 processor on 56k dialup

Posted by: Tiger at Sunday, August 29 2004 04:26 PM (G5PGV)

3 Hi Tiger, Just switch to Firefox. I put it on my laptop for just this reason (and because Pixy kept nagging me to) and haven't looked back. I will soon be loading Firefox on all my other machines too, as IE just doesn't compare! Of course I do have to resort to IE occassionally for sites that don't support "other browsers", but they are getting less common each day. Kean

Posted by: Kean at Sunday, August 29 2004 10:46 PM (2xCxk)

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