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Wednesday, March 17


Number 100 With a Bullet Penumbra

097. Dana Priest The Washington Post [snapshot]
098. David D. Kirkpatrick The New York Times [snapshot]
099. Stephen King Amazon [snapshot]
100. Susie Practical Penumbra [snapshot]

101. Amit Asaravala Wired News [snapshot]
102. Shelley Powers Burningbird [snapshot]
103. Nicholas D. Kristof The New York Times [snapshot]
104. Mark Steyn The Telegraph [snapshot]
One more, Susie! One more and you've beaten Stephen King!

(Blogrunner, via Instapundit.)

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Tuesday, March 16


Warn on Terror

Cityrail requests that you keep your personal belongings with you at all times. If you see unattended baggage, do not touch it, but inform station staff immediately.

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Letter from Politopia


NW-You would feel most at home in the Northwest region. You advocate a large degree of economic and personal freedom. Your neighbors include folks like Ayn Rand, Jesse Ventura, Milton Friedman, and Drew Carey, and may refer to themselves as "classical liberals," "libertarians," "market liberals," "old whigs," "objectivists," "propertarians," "agorists," or "anarcho-capitalist."

Where would you live?

(Thanks to annika of the North.)

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Where'd I Put That Damn Object?

Quizilla says, and I quote:

Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server.

If you entered the URL manually please check your
spelling and try again.

If you think this is a server error, please contact
the webmaster

Error 404

Mon 15 Mar 2004 10:51:25 AM MST
Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux)

End of half the Blogosphere predicted. Film at 11.

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Do Feed the Animals

I think someone has been putting Rumsfeld chow in Colin Powell's bowl:
"I don't know what foreign leaders Senator Kerry is talking about," Powell said on "Fox News Sunday." "It's an easy charge, an easy assertion to make. But if he feels it is that important an assertion to make, he ought to list some names. If he can't list names, then perhaps he should find something else to talk about."
A bit wordy, but still a B+ effort.

(Washington Post [Evil registration thingy required. Maybe they got tired of all the 102-year-old Antarctican women visiting...] via Instapundit.)

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I Know I Feel Safe

For your safety and security, Cityrail staff, and the police, patrol this station.

North Sydney station this morning; they played that message three times in a row.

There are no rubbish bins in the underground stations in Sydney. They were removed in 2000 before the Olympic Games, because they make a perfect place to hide a bomb. That's where the bomb was left outside the Hilton Hotel in Sydney in 1978 during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. That bomb went off early when the rubbish was collected, and only one person - a policewoman - was killed.

It's just one of those little adjustments we have to make because some people want to kill us all.

For your safety, surveillance cameras continually monitor this station.

Correction: I've been fact-checked on this, and it turns out that three people were killed in the Hilton Hotel bombing, two council workers and a policeman, Constable Paul Burmistriw.

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Monday, March 15



Things seem to be running smoothly now.

The parts-bin box fell over under the strain of getting hit with a million files, so I decided to instead make tarballs* of the main directories and copy those across. While doing this I found about 60GB of triplicated files - that is, I had copies of those files elsewhere on disk and also backed up to DVD.

So I zapped them. That's 60GB less to copy, anyway.

While the files trundle across the network, I'm continuing to burn backup DVDs - now up to number 124.

And wishing I had one of those fancy 8x burners. It takes fifteen minutes to burn 4.5GB! And another fifteen minutes to verify! The horror!

* Like zip files.

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Slippery Slope, But

The Volokh Conspiracy reports on a proposed law to ban swords here in Australia.

What they fail to mention is that this is a state law, not a federal one, and it is being proposed in Victoria, which has an even worse case of the Nanny State Syndrome than New South Wales (where I live).

And New South Wales bans fireworks (But then, I understand a number of U.S. states do to.)

Left or right, these miserable regulate-everything politicians are a blight on the nation. Bring back the small-government conservatives!

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Sunday, March 14


Copy That

I've just set off a copy of my main Linux file dump - 250GB, over a million files. That will run for the next eight hours or so.

I really need to see about getting a gigabit switch now that the prices are coming down...

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Putting the Boot In

The reason my Windows PC would no longer boot when I installed the PCI IDE controller was that it was trying to boot from the card - rather than, for example, the boot drive still attached to the motherboard.

And there is no way to tell the computer not to do this. Not in the motherboard BIOS, not in the dinky and largely useless BIOS on the card, not in a jumper, not nowhere. I twigged to this because the 200GB drive I borrowed from work turned out to have been previously used: After installing the drive and turning the machine back on, it found myself booting into Windows 2000.

Thanks but no thanks.

Since I need that drive in that machine, and since I can't boot into Windows XP after it's installed, I first have to backup my existing drive, then install Windows XP onto the new drive, then copy all my anime onto my Windows box, and all the other files onto the parts-bin box (which is working now, thanks to RedHat 8 and LILO and the removal of a plague-ridden disk drive) - assuming I still have enough space for all of that (I think I do...)

And then rebuild the Linux box with the new 200GB drive and copy everything back again.

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