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Wednesday, March 24


Printy Comfort

I note that the Canon i990, which I learned the existence of the very day I got my i965, is selling for $675, where I paid $480 for my i965.

I take some comfort in that, and also in the fact that the i965 is a very nice printer indeed. If you're after a flexible, reasonably fast inkjet printer with excellent photo quality and CD printing, then either of these, or their little brother the i865, will do the trick.

Unless you live in the U.S., in which case you'll have to settle for the i860 or i960, which are cheaper but lack the ability to print on CDs.

Also, Canon have now announced the i9900, an A3 (up to 13" by 19"), eight colour (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, "Photo Cyan" and "Photo Magenta" - what, no blue?) printer for around US$499.

Though it doesn't print on CDs either.

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More Insightful Commentary from France

Maybe we shouldn't write off France just yet.

From Merde in France and The Dissident Frogman to Sabine Herold of Liberté j'écris ton nom, we are hearing the voices of French men and women who understand what is going on in the world and are willing to speak up for what is right.

And another one: from "Gabriel Gonzalez", an analysis of French foreign policy at Winds of Change.

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Insightful Commentary from France

The Dissident Frogman weighs into the debate regarding the assassination of Sheikh Yassin with this thought-provoking piece.

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Tuesday, March 23


Besto F. Mesymphony

The latest edition of the Best of Me Symphony is up at Practical Penumbra and it is a thing of wonder.

Go! Scoot! Get yourselves over there!

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I'll Tell You Why

I was looking for examples of the portal system I'm planning to install at, and I found one that was very clean and elegant. So I registered myself there, and started reading. A lot of posts repeating news from Slashdot, and one regarding the recent bombing in Spain.

And the question came:

Now when news and papers here in Europe are all full of this and millions protest against terrorism, it makes my blood pressure going to the sky. I wonder; how can journalists and politicians still be so stupid that all they can say is those same old phrases all over again? "We must fight against terrorism..." And people go to the street....

If only someone would be interested of what these "terrorist" want really??? A piece of land perhaps? Maybe individuality and respect as a human beeings? How difficult would that be arrange? Huh???

I know I'm probably just pissing into the wind, but I replied:
You ask what the terrorists want.

Well, they've stated their desires explicitly many times. You just have to listen to them.

They want Israel destroyed, and the Jews exterminated.
They want America destroyed.
They want the entire world to become an Islamic state.
They want to wipe out freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
They want to subjugate women, to turn them from human beings into chattels.

This is not supposition, this is what they have stated, specifically. This is what they do in their own societies.

Another 200 people have been murdered, and 1500 more injured, with the aim of imposing their views upon the world.

Why do they hate us?

They hate us because we have built a successful society, where theirs has failed. Because our women are independent citizens. Because we disagree with them.

They hate us for our freedom.

They say this themselves. Read any of the dispatches sent out by any of the terrorist groups. Listen to the sermons being given in mosques across the Islamic world.

In their view, we can convert to Islam, be enslaved, or die. They give us no other choices, but we can choose instead to fight.

I wonder how long that post will last there...

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Sunday, March 21


Urrgh Gruh Rrrurh

Grrr arrr Rum and Monkey.

(Grrh uh LeeAnn.)

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Saturday, March 20


In The Grip Of Beal

Still in the grip of a nasty case of viral beal, Pixy does what we all do whenwe have nothing to blog about: This week's Cheddar X:
When I say:
Olympics, you say? = Sydney!
Politics = Blah
John Kerry = Dickweed
George Bush = Righteous
Osama = Dead
Same-sex marriage = Not that there's anything wrong with that!
Todd Bertuzzi = Who?
Barry Bonds = Who?
The Passion of the Christ = Christporn
Beach = Sand
Britney Spears = Hot
Paris Hilton = Skank
Microsoft = Empire of Evil
France = Cheese-eating surrender monkey worthless shitferret bunch of losers who can't get over Agincourt much less Wellington kicking Napoleon's butt at Waterloo and their wine isn't that great anyway
Hans Blix = Blind fool
Linux = Penguins!
MTV = Crap
Outsource = Asking for an expensive disaster
Hummer H2 = Crap
Honor = Harrington
Love = Life
Courteney Love = Who?
Pixy also refers to himself in the third person, which has to count for something.

Or maybe it's that the beal has taken over Pixy's brain and is now blogging! Beal blog! Beal blog!

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Arrivals and Departures

I haven't done one of these for a while, so a bit of catching up is in order.

First, I'd like to welcome four ladies to MuNu, every one of them both beautiful and brilliant:

Annika of Annika's Poetry and Journal
Sarah of Trying to Grok
Ilyka of Ilyka Damen
Debbye of Being American in T.O.
Still brilliant if somewhat less beautiful is my long-time friend Tiger. He's still muving in, but asks that you go ahead and change your links now.

We also bid farewell to Cherry, who has decided to retire from the blogosphere to pursue other interests.* Cherry, we wish you all the best and know you will do well in whatever you choose to do.** Thanks for being part of MuNu, and remember that you're welcome to come back at any time.

* I checked her contract, and it turns out that she is indeed allowed to do this. Drat!

** Unlike that slacker Collins.

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Friday, March 19


Blargh! (Scuse Me)

I stopped by Galaxy Bookshop this evening and picked up a copy of Wil McCarthy's The Wellstone, which appears to be a sequel of sorts to his wonderful The Collapsium. I somehow missed it when it came out, and only realised this because he has just produced a third book set in the same univers, Lost in Transmission.

I'll let you know what it's about once I've read it, but that won't be until after I fight off this cold. Although the other symptoms aren't too bad, it has sucked all the life out of me and reduced my brain to cottage cheese in processing power terms.

I was asked today how I was and I replied "Not bad" in a cheerful tone. My excuse for this obvious lie is that I was on drugs at the time. The drugs have since worn off.

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Wednesday, March 17


Curse You Cindy!

Your Superhero Identity For Today Is:

Name: Ice Ox
Secret Identity: Pixy Misa
Special Power: Invisibility
Transportation: Wonder Horse
Weapon: Neutron Carbine
Costume: Silk Skin
Sidekick: the Professor
Nemesis: Cindy the Nasty
Tragic Flaw: Claustrophobia
Favorite Food: Olives

Daniel < pamibe

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