Wednesday, October 29


Not Yay

Very much not yay.

I suddenly have 250GB less files to worry about. Came home this evening, thought about burning another DVD, decided to have a nap first. Had nap, came back to computer:

The disk in drive D is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?
Given that drive D is a 250GB external hard disk, this is not a good sign.

Excuse me a moment.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Sorry. I wonder if the disk is dead outright, or if the filesystem has been corrupted. I'll have to see what is available in the way of recovery tools.

Sigh. At least I got to back up the anime.

Update: The disk is not dead; the filesystem is corrupt. Probably recoverable. So, anyone know what the best, reasonably priced utility for recovering poodulated FAT32 filesystems is? I downloaded a copy of GetDataBack, which has let me know that the files are there. Is there something better I should be using? Does Partition Magic do this? (Because I have other uses for it, if it does.)

Update: The demo version of Stellar Phoenix has found 388,063 files totalling 377.859GB. This includes deleted files (which, given that the disk was full, are a lost cause - but that's okay, because all I want is the not-deleted files). I just told it to exclude the deleted files, and it's having a bit of a think. (Read: grinding the CPU into powder.) Every file I expected seems to be there, with no signs of corruption in the directory structures. The demo version won't let me at the files, but so far I'm tempted to buy this one.

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1 Goodness, it seems like the Computer Bad Karma Fairy has decided to move in with you! I think you need to put garlic around the windows and--oh, wait, that's vampires. Hmmm...

Posted by: Susie at Wednesday, October 29 2003 10:52 AM (0+cMc)

2 Ahh, well at least I don't have to wrack my brains trying to remember how I rebuilt a FAT a while back. I do know that fdisk will do an mbr repair for FAT32, if something else decides to die on you.

Posted by: Chris C. at Wednesday, October 29 2003 03:48 PM (cKDLM)

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