Tuesday, October 28


Foobie Bletch

Another disk drive went South overnight. Acutally, given that this is the Southern Hemisphere, it may actually have gone North. Hard to tell without a magnetometer. Anyway, last night, working fine. This morning, as dead as Blogspot's archives on a bad day.

Fortunately, I spent much of the weekend running backups.
Unfortunately, I hadn't got around to that drive yet.

Of course, it's part of a RAID-5 array, so all I have to do is reboot, and it will fail the drive out, run a file system check...

Run a file system check...

Run a...

Reboot. Go into interactive mode... I said, go into interactive mode...

Grr. Reboot. Go into interactive mode. Zap that filesystem out of the table so that it doesn't automount. And...

Reboot. Boot boot boot. Good. Mount the filesystem manually... Good.

Now, copy all the files across to... Um. Did I mention that I don't have any disk space left? Hmm, now that I've backed up all these files, I don't actually need to keep them on the disk. Not as such. So zzzzap! Bye bye 50GB of, well, stuff.

Copy copy. Now why is there an scp process running on the target machine, chewing up 99% of the CPU, and doing no I/O whatsoever? And why has my copy stalled? Kill the process. Kill the... Bugger. Reboot - the other box, this time.

Copy copy copy. And now I have no disk space again.

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1 Sounds like you need some sherbet....

Posted by: Susie at Tuesday, October 28 2003 01:44 AM (0+cMc)

2 Heh. Nethack scroll names for titles...

Posted by: Daniel at Tuesday, October 28 2003 07:26 AM (Oc6V9)

3 Mmmmm, I love it when they talk techie.

Posted by: LeeAnn at Tuesday, October 28 2003 11:50 AM (HxCeX)

4 Who was that Maude person anyway?

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, October 28 2003 06:42 PM (LBXBY)

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