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Back in the misty dawn of time, when I was still at school, I spent two weeks at Hewlett-Packard on a work experience program. (This was when HP was still renowned for their engineering, rather than cursed as a pusher of expensive ink cartridges.)

At the time, HP was having a sale on disk drives. You could buy three 400 meg drives - and these were serious drives, with 14 inch platters stacked into cases as large as washing machines - three of these for just $250,000.

"But", said one salescritter to another, "how many customers do we have that need 1.2 gigabytes of disk?"

I downloaded 1.4 gigabytes of stuff today. Episodes 17 to 20 of Kodocha, and epsiodes 6 through 9 of Saikano (Saishuuheiki Kanojo). Fortunately, this didn't require me to buy $250,000 worth of disk to store it on. Though I did pick up a couple of DVD-RWs on the way to work. 4.7 gigabytes each. $8 a pop.

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1 Heh. I remember how jealous my friends were when I picked up, at an auction, a 300-MB Core MFM drive and controller card for $50 US (the gamble was there was no guarantee they would work, even though the boxes were unopened). At the time, I think that stuff would have cost over $1K. Three-hundred megs was a lot back then...

Posted by: victor at Wednesday, August 27 2003 03:33 PM (L3qPK)

2 How much is that in real numbers?

Posted by: Susie at Wednesday, August 27 2003 04:34 PM (KK9YD)

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