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Another Good Thing For A Change

About three years ago, we closed our Sydney office at my day job, since half the staff already worked from home and the rest wanted to.

All the business equipment got packed away into storage so that we could move out on time, with the plan to sort it all out later.

Recently it seems someone asked "What is this storage unit we're paying for every month?" and so everything had to get moved out again.

They were planning to just dump the computers, and I pointed out that we couldn't do that since they might still contain confidential information.  Since the storage unit is about 20 minutes from my house, the plan was quickly modified to dumping the computers...  On my doorstep.

Which just happened.  Five old PCs (they sold off all the nice Apple equipment), four external disk drives...  And four Synology units containing a total of 96TB of disk.

Assuming I need to cannibalize one for spare parts and configure the other three in RAID-6, that will give me 54TB of available storage.  Which should keep me in anime for a few weeks.

Update: Just realised that with my new internet connection (100/40, no download cap), these Synology boxes, and the 1TB cloud server I'm using for daily backups, I can cancel our main archive server.  It's a nice server and reasonably priced for what it is, but the Australian dollar is in the toilet right now and I need to save money where I can if I want to bag one of those 3960X servers for

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1 "Since the storage unit is about 20 minutes from my house, the plan was quickly modified to dumping the computers... On my doorstep."
When they closed my office last year, I wound up with some hardware the same way.  I have about 5 IP phones, a switch, and the office modem, that's been sitting on my living-room table for all this time.  They'll probably never get around to asking me to send it to the main office so I guess I need to get my own act together and just ship it up there and get reimbursed, because I'd like my table back.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, April 03 2020 01:11 AM (Iwkd4)

2 I lost count of the amount of gear that went home with people when Digeo closed their Palo Alto office and laid everyone off. This included all of the "portable build machines" aka "high-end gaming laptops".


Posted by: J Greely at Friday, April 03 2020 04:57 AM (ZlYZd)

3 When they closed my office last year, I shipped the best server back to the main office, and we scrapped the others.  Beyond that, we only had one PC per employee.  But the spare network equipment from when we left Windstream a couple years ago and nobody told me to ship back yet theoreitcally couldn't be thrown out, so I'm still babysitting it until I get around to paying to send it to someone else to deal with.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, April 03 2020 06:38 AM (Iwkd4)

4 Also, my home PC is quite a bit better than my work one, although the latter doesn't suck, because I got to spec it out and minmaxed it so I could put in aftermarket upgrades ("If I pick the smallest SSD I can double the RAM and put in a cheap, larger Inland Micro one later!")

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, April 03 2020 06:39 AM (Iwkd4)

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