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Adventures In Elevenland

I mentioned that I ordered an HP Aero 13, specifically with Windows 10 because it was 30% off, where the newer model with Windows 11 was only 20% off, and also because I don't want Windows 11, for several reasons not least of which is Windows 11 Home forces you to sign in with a Microsoft account and not just a local password.

So naturally while they charged me for the cheaper Windows 10 model, what they actually shipped me runs Windows 11.

But you can set it up to sign in with just a local password.

The second way - if you goofed and already set up WiFi - is to hit Shift-F10 as that page suggests and just disconnect your WiFi

I also had to toggle the power to get it to restart the setup cycle but it worked fine.

As for the hardware?  Seems nice.  Very light, great screen (2560x1600 at 13" is pretty darn sharp), not slow, though internet speeds here leave something to be desired right now.

The provided charger is a bit of a brick, but it charges from any USB-C charger as well as the barrel jack, so that's not a problem.

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1 The latest rumor is that task killing the wifi setup screen won't work with the latest Insider builds.
My thought is:  buy an OEM copy on flash drive now and save it.  It doesn't require the Microsoft account if you install Pro, and if you don't connect to the Internet when running it, it won't ever.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 25 2022 03:22 AM (Z0GF0)

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