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  • I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again.  (Ludicity)

    Man has opinions.  The opinions are mostly correct though.
    I started working as a data scientist in 2019, and by 2021 I had realized that while the field was large, it was also largely fraudulent. Most of the leaders that I was working with clearly had not gotten as far as reading about it for thirty minutes despite insisting that things like, I dunno, the next five years of a ten thousand person non-tech organization should be entirely AI focused. The number of companies launching AI initiatives far outstripped the number of actual use cases. Most of the market was simply grifters and incompetents (sometimes both!) leveraging the hype to inflate their headcount so they could get promoted, or be seen as thought leaders.
    Usually both.  Usually both.
    And then some absolute son of a bitch created ChatGPT, and now look at usLook at us, resplendent in our pauper's robes, stitched from corpulent greed and breathless credulity, spending half of the planet's engineering efforts to add chatbot support to every application under the sun when half of the industry hasn't worked out how to test database backups regularly. This is why I have to visit untold violence upon the next moron to propose that AI is the future of the business - not because this is impossible in principle, but because they are now indistinguishable from a hundred million willful fucking idiots.

  • A rant about front-end development.  (Frank M Taylor)

    Another man of conviction.
    There’s a disconcerting number of front-end developers out there who act like it wasn’t possible to generate HTML on a server prior to 2010. They talk about SSRonlyin the context of node.js and seem to have no clue that people started working on this problem when season 5 of Seinfeld was on air.

    Server-side rendering was not invented with Node. What Node brought to the table was the convenience of writing your shittydivsoup in the very same language that was invented in 10 days for the sole purpose of pissing off Java devs everywhere.

    Server-side rendering means it’s rendered on the fucking server. You can do that with PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby, Python, Perl, CGI, and hell, R. You can server-side render a page in Lua if you want.

    Lua is actually pretty good at this.
    Do you have any idea how frustrating it is that that in order to explain my sadness to my therapist I must first explain like 5 different technologies and by the time I’m finished she’s sad just hearing it, the session’s over, and I didn’t even get to what was making me upset? Technology has made my anger a recursive function.
    You don't need a therapist, Frank.  You need a weekend blowing up abandoned vehicles with a punt gun.

Tech News

The Only AI Company Actually Worth Anything is Literally a Turtle Music Video of the Day

Evil Neuro sings the theme song from the second season of the anime Mashle.

Neuro (and her evil twin) are AI vtubers developed by a single programmer who calls himself Vedal, and they show better than anything Google or OpenAI or Anthropic or Meta have produced, how AI can make our lives better: By endlessly roasting their creator.

Time Patrol Bon

Completely missed this because I don't normally check Netflix for new anime, but that's where it is.

One look and you know it's a 70s anime, except for the minor fact that it was produced this year.  Animation is by Bones, and it looks great - it still looks like a 70s anime, but an unreasonably well-animated and high-resolution 70s anime.

The original manga started in 1978, created by Fujiko Fujio, who was not a person but a decades-long collaboration of two artists best known for a little thing called Doraemon.

Disclaimer: For all I know, that might be his real name.

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1 I have a 2TB SN850X and it's awesome, but it's also a demonstration that most people don't need PCIe 5 drives.  Gen 4 is already stupidly fast, and the idea of needing active cooling is ridiculous.  I mean, if you're the kind of person who buys a watercooled RTX 4090 to get those last 3 FPS, and pairs it with a i9-14900KS and a portable AC unit, fine, you do you:  companies love the way you spend so much money.  But the rest of us get probably more performance than we'll ever need.
Large, DRAMless QLC drives seem like an insult to ignorant customers.  I have a mini PC with a QLC drive and for day to day stuff, it works fine, but do something like copy Diablo 4 from another computer to avoid having to download 80GB again really shows you where they fall down.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 21 2024 11:45 PM (BMUHC)

2 I would love to buy something like that oculink cable and a fairly high-end mini pc with Oculink.  Especially if the cable's rated for many insertions:  use the PC as a PC when you're not gaming, and then plug in the turbo boost for said gaming.  I like the current iteration of my PC (14700K + RX 6800) but it heats up the entire room, in an apartment in Texas with AC that can barely keep up.  (Set the AC to 74F, by midafternoon, the cheap thermometer I have shows it's 77, but an Arduino with a BME280 sensor sitting near the computer reads 80.  I actually have been gaming some on my old work PC, an i7-8700 with a GTX 1050, because it uses a couple hundred watts less.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 21 2024 11:49 PM (BMUHC)

3 It's currently hovering just above freezing here.  An RX 6800 sounds like just the thing.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, June 21 2024 11:52 PM (PiXy!)

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