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FizzBuzz in Minx Template Language.

Admittedly it took me more than a couple of minutes, because (a) I'm at the office and keep getting interrupted, (b) MTL (need a cute name for it) doesn't have proper expressions or loops or even else, (c) there seems to be a bug when using the basic conditional statements with user variables, and (d) I forgot to link the demo folder to something with content, so it didn't actually do anything at first.

(via Coding Horror)

[topics count=100]
[inc i]
[calc.mod m3 var.i 3]
[calc.mod m5 var.i 5]
[if.eq var.m3 0]Fizz[/if.eq][if.eq var.m5 0]Buzz[/if.eq]
[ var.m3 0][ var.m5 1][var.i][/][/]

Takes about 55ms to run. 20ms of that is the SQL queries; 28ms is the processing of the topic entries; 2ms is fixed overhead per page; 5ms is the calculation and conditional tags. It has to execute 700 of those to generate the page, so they work out to around 7μs each - about 0.14 mips.

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