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Death To Commies Edition

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  • From Another Anon:
    My understanding of BlockChain is that a new entry, or a Block, has to be calculated based on every other Block in the history of the Chain to validate that it is cryptographically correct and thus valid. Basically, do the math on previous blocks ("N") to confirm the next block ("N+1") is accurate and true.

    That said, does this mean that BlockChain is, by design, a victim of the "Schlemiel the Painter's algorithm"? IE: The painter paints X feet of lines on a road the first day, 4/5ths of X feet on day two, 2/5ths of X day, and then worse... because it takes him longer and longer to get to the paint bucket that he left at the very start of all the lines? (Joke being that said painter never picked up and carried the bucket with him, at all.)
    Every implementation I know of is smart enough to move the bucket - that is, it can verify new transactions based on previous verifications. Blockchains do rely on having multiple nodes verify transactions though - it's possible for a bad node to verify a transaction that later gets rejected, or vice versa.

  • From MadItalian:
    Anyway to stop the link hijacking ads? I click on more info / read more and it opens in a new tab for the story at Ace Comments and then redirects the original tab to the ad.

    I know ad revenue is in the toilet but that action is frustrating.
    Anyone else seeing this? That's a pretty minimal piece of JavaScript that shouldn't be doing anything like that.

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Possibly Not Totally Crap Notebook Review Video of the Day

A full review of the new 14-core thin-and-lite Dell XPS 13. A lot was sacrificed in pursuit of an ultra-slim design with a high-end CPU, including I/O and battery life. But it is very, very fast.

Disclaimer: Do not, under any circumstances, do the dinosaur.

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1 When I was running without an ad-blocker, I saw some link hijacking at Ace's as well (Safari 15.4). Not every time, and not for the "Continue reading" buttons, which open in place correctly, but definitely when clicking external links. I also saw standard pop-up ads.

Even with a Pi-hole in the way, some ads still get through, but not the annoying redirects, so that script is coming from a known bad actor.


Posted by: J Greely at Sunday, May 01 2022 06:50 PM (oJgNG)

2 The availability of these components at MSRP signals a positive trend in the hardware market, Friday Night Funkin indicating improved supply chain stability and increased production capacity.

Posted by: Friday Night Funkin at Thursday, April 25 2024 01:05 PM (h7vc5)

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